Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Possible Return

A lot has happened in the years since we last posted. I just might start posting regularly.

Friday, May 10, 2013

As anybody can clearly see, Brandi and I haven't made much  headway in keeping this blog updated. We have many good reasons and time consuming activities that have wholly consumed all available time between the two of us.Last time we posted (aside from Christmas wishes) was May of 2012. A full year later, and some things have changed, and some have stayed the same. We are both finished with another year of schooling, and Brandi has been inducted into an honor society as well.

"Almost, Maine" set
Promotional poster
Princesses, a tiger, & Zombies!
"If I only had a brain..."

I have helped build the sets for "Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels," "Almost, Maine," and "Women of Lockerbie," all presented by Clark State Community College in Springfield, OH. I have had two good semesters, grade-wise, including a 4.0 this Spring. Brandi has just finished running a gauntlet of 20 credit hours of classes in one semester, and so far has another very respectable GPA. As we sit here resting before the next sprint, we are trying to evaluate our effectiveness as parents, homeschoolers, students, homeowners, etc. etc. As wild as this is right now, it will eventually be worth it. As for right now, our schooling has presented us with some unique opportunities for homeschooling. These included getting to see theatrical light shows and being human canvases for a makeup class. The girls loved getting dolled up, and the other students enjoyed working with them. The boys, however, made the best of the opportunity by asking to be turned into "zombies." I've learned a great deal more about theatre than I ever thought possible in such a short time including both on and offstage aspects as well as history and future. We are quite excited about our future with these degrees which we should finish in Spring of 2014.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


We went to Jon's induction into Phi Theta Kappa yesterday.  Phi Theta Kappa is an honor society for community colleges.  I tried to take a couple pictures with my phone, but my phone has a delay and I kept getting his back.  Jon is in the final two weeks of his Spring quarter, so he is busy with final projects.

The kids are in the final unit of this year's curriculum.  We'll be finishing their school year in time for our church's Kidfest (VBS).  The boys are still young enough to participate; Jon, the girls, and I are all volunteering.

I finished out my first semester back at college.  I did pretty well.  I have to take one class this summer in order to keep my graduation from being pushed back a year.  As it stands now, I should graduate in the Spring of 2014.