Friday, February 27, 2009

We Would Make Lousy Drunks!

Did I catch your attention with that title?

While we were at the store last weekend, Jon picked up a corkscrew that was marked down at Wal-mart. He discovered as he was taking it out of the bag at home that the screw part was broken.

Thursday, while the older five children and I were at Homeschool P.E., Jon and Little Bear took the corkscrew back to Wal-mart. That afternoon, we went back out to run our errands and Jon bought a sturdier corkscrew and a bottle stopper. Thursday night, as we were fixing supper, Jon opened our bottle of wine. We were being silly, smelled the cork, and both made faces. Gross! We weren't even sure if we could get past the smell. Jon poured some, and we both took a sip. It tasted just as bad as it smelled. Jon dumped the wine he had poured down the sink. Jon informed me that he didn't mind if I wanted to cook with the wine. I guess I'll get to put the wine recipe book (that we won years ago) to the test. LOL

Kids, you have nothing to worry about!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Aren't They Sweet!

Jon had to work Saturday, so Jon and the kids fixed a candle light dinner for two for Jon and me to enjoy Friday night. The kids ate separately, served us, and watched CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG. I was sent out of the house to spend some alone/errand time while they prepared for the dinner.

Jon went all out this year. He got me flowers*, the movie FIREPROOF, the book THE LOVE DARE, and a Fireproof t-shirt for me and one for himself. He also gave me my birthday present, a comparative study Bible, early. He even got a bottle of wine to try with dinner, but we haven't opened it, yet. You see, we don't normally drink alcohol and Jon forgot we that we don't have a corkscrew.

After dinner, the kids finished watching their movie while we started to watch FIREPROOF. When the kids' movie was finished, we put them to bed and then went back to our movie. Overall, it was a wonderful evening. Thanks Jon and kids!

*One of our cats, Lily, is being quite obstinate about getting up on our table and nibbling on the flower blossoms. I had to put her in her carrier for a while last night. I let her out later and when I got up this morning one of the blossoms she had been chewing on was completely gone. So which flowers does she nibble on? Roses? No. Daisies? No. Mums? No. She nibbles on the lilies! I think we named her well.