Sunday, May 20, 2012


We went to Jon's induction into Phi Theta Kappa yesterday.  Phi Theta Kappa is an honor society for community colleges.  I tried to take a couple pictures with my phone, but my phone has a delay and I kept getting his back.  Jon is in the final two weeks of his Spring quarter, so he is busy with final projects.

The kids are in the final unit of this year's curriculum.  We'll be finishing their school year in time for our church's Kidfest (VBS).  The boys are still young enough to participate; Jon, the girls, and I are all volunteering.

I finished out my first semester back at college.  I did pretty well.  I have to take one class this summer in order to keep my graduation from being pushed back a year.  As it stands now, I should graduate in the Spring of 2014.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Um . . . Spring Break?

I'm halfway through my first semester back at college.  I am now officially on spring break.  Sort of.  I have so much to catch up around the house and so much schoolwork to do over break that it won't seem like much of a break.

 In fact, I also plan to get some jammed packed days of homeschooling done with the kids.  I did that last fall in anticipation of going back to school and it worked out well.  We're still on target for finishing our required amount of school time! 

So, now I go to jump neck deep into writing outlines, writing papers, and lesson planning.  Oh, yeah.  I need to clean too!  I'll write more, if I get a chance to come up for air.

Have a great day!