Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Busy Times

I haven't been posting much. I've just had too much on my plate. Here's a little of what we have been up to.

Birdie, Monkey, and Puppy Dog sung in the children's choir with the adult choir the Sunday before Christmas. They did a wonderful job, but we forgot to take our camera.

Christmas day we did our Christmas first thing in the morning; Christmas and a niece's birthday at my parents' house; Christmas with extended family on my mom's side in Lynchburg, Ohio; and then we came home and had to settle the kids down so we could all sleep. Jon and I made the decision not to use credit for Christmas this year, or use credit for other things either. Aside from a few small items that we had picked up here and there through the year, all the gifts we gave this year were homemade. Jon and I did not exchange gifts. We didn't have enough time without the kids around so we didn't get to finish our main gift to the kids. It's just as well though. The gift has become a project for our family to work on together and the kids are excited. Jon is even taking a few days off work at the beginning of the year so we can work on it. I'll try to do a post about it after we finish.

This week, we're working on our projects for Jon's side of the family and the kids are spending time sleeping over at my sister's and parents' houses. Tonight we will all meet up at Mom and Dad's house for a New Year's party. Tomorrow we have our Christmas/New Year's celebration with Jon's side of the family. I guess I better get back to work on those projects.

Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!

I about forgot to mention that our kitties were spayed/neutered and declawed Monday. Normally they are good about taking medicine, but not this time. They have a combination of an antibiotic and pain killer to take and they fight it tooth and back claws and writhing even though we scruff them or wrap them in a towel and scruff them. It takes both Jon and me working together to get their medicine in them. They foam at the mouth and try to spit out the medicine after I give it to them. The stuff must taste nasty. The poor pathetic things just lay around and want to be cuddled now and then. Does anybody know how to make a collar to keep them from licking their incisions? I was told to make them if they start licking themselves, but not exactly how to make them. So far, they aren't licking the incisions. I have to take them back to the vet to get their mittens off Friday.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Play Went Well

Last Sunday was the church play, SCROOGE REVISITED, that Jon, Kitty Kat, and Monkey were in. I figured that I better get it posted before tomorrow.

The first two pictures are of Kitty Kat and Monkey in the opening street scene.

Here "Scrooge" is studying his books. "Bob Crachit" was off to Jon's right at his own desk.

"Scrooge" and his "old dead partner Marley"

"Amy" a.k.a. Kitty Kat and "Jenny" a.k.a. Monkey
"Mark Scroggins", "Jenny's" and "Amy's" dad; "Spirit 1"; and "Scrooge" in the background

The actors and actresses really got into their characters. Can you see "Jenny" cowering as "dad" got angry with "Amy"? "Mark S." was a modern day "Scrooge".

"Scrooge" and "Spirit 2"

"Scrooge" observes at the "Crachit" house.

"Spirit 3" tells "Scrooge" the good news about Jesus.

"Scrooge" kneeling at the manger scene

The church choir and praise band performed the music for the production behind the stage. They had a curtainless curtain call, and the choir and band members joined the cast on the stage. The choir and band members came out wearing Santa hats (don't ask why, I don't know). Here is a picture of Jon's mom. She is in the choir.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bye-bye Baby Bear, Hello Little Bear!

Baby Bear decided that he didn't want to be called Baby Bear any more. We convinced him to wait until he turned four. Today that day came, and he is now officially Little Bear.

Jon had to work today, so Little Bear got to open his birthday present before Jon left.

Last night, Jon asked Baby Bear what he wanted for breakfast. His answer? Pizza! (By the way, we had pizza for supper last night.) So, I made plans with Baby Bear to make a cinnamon "roll" pizza. This morning I made the pizza for Little Bear's breakfast. I got up later than I intended, because I didn't sleep well last night. Jon had to leave before the pizza was ready, so he ate a bowl of instant oatmeal. We saved a piece of pizza for him.

This afternoon, I asked Little Bear what he would like for lunch. His answer? Oatmeal! So, I made Peanut butter oatmeal with a jelly dollop, carrot and celery sticks, and applesauce. I piled the kids' plates high with the oatmeal. I didn't want them to get hungry too quickly. Little Bear didn't finish all his veggies and applesauce. It was just as well though. He is fighting off some sort of flu bug. I realized that the applesauce would only make matters worse after I served him.

Tonight was a dress rehearsal for the play at church. We all went so that I could help with make-up. After the rehearsal was over, we were all standing in a prayer circle. As one of our elders was praying for everyone to get and stay healthy Birdie threw up on the sanctuary floor. Fun times! (oozing with sarcasm)

We had cake and frozen yogurt/ice cream. Birdie had to sit this one out.

*I had more photos I was trying to post, but for some reason they weren't uploading. I may try again tomorrow. I'm too tired to wait for them.

Five Kernels of Corn, Part II

For those of you who are scratching your heads trying to figure out why I did a post about "Five Kernels of Corn" for Thanksgiving, it was a play on part of Thanksgiving's history. The children and I started out our school year by doing a study on the time period of early American history and reading THE LIGHT AND THE GLORY. We learned a lot. The Pilgrims first winter was a hard one. A ship they were expecting to bring them provisions brought them more hungry mouths to feed. During that first winter they ended up on rations of five kernels of corn per person per day. It was a tradition to place five kernels of corn on each person's plate to remind everyone of how blessed they truly were, before anyone took their seats at the Thanksgiving feast. If you Google "five kernels of corn", you will get quite a few links with more information. One I found a few moments ago was this one.

Mykidsmom and Damama T were the only two who left a corny joke. Therefore, they get to share the promised bragging rights. ; )*

In other news: There will be another post tonight. I have a name change announcement to post. Now I've got you curious, don't I?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Luke 2:1-20

Kitty Kat recited Luke 2:1-20 for our Women's Christmas Celebration at church last night. Some of you may remember that she did this last year as well. I went back through my posts so I could link back, but apparently I didn't blog about this last year. She did great.

I was going to take some pictures so I could post them. However, I forgot to take my camera. Jon's mom had hers, so there are a couple pics. I just can't post them here.