Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bye-bye Baby Bear, Hello Little Bear!

Baby Bear decided that he didn't want to be called Baby Bear any more. We convinced him to wait until he turned four. Today that day came, and he is now officially Little Bear.

Jon had to work today, so Little Bear got to open his birthday present before Jon left.

Last night, Jon asked Baby Bear what he wanted for breakfast. His answer? Pizza! (By the way, we had pizza for supper last night.) So, I made plans with Baby Bear to make a cinnamon "roll" pizza. This morning I made the pizza for Little Bear's breakfast. I got up later than I intended, because I didn't sleep well last night. Jon had to leave before the pizza was ready, so he ate a bowl of instant oatmeal. We saved a piece of pizza for him.

This afternoon, I asked Little Bear what he would like for lunch. His answer? Oatmeal! So, I made Peanut butter oatmeal with a jelly dollop, carrot and celery sticks, and applesauce. I piled the kids' plates high with the oatmeal. I didn't want them to get hungry too quickly. Little Bear didn't finish all his veggies and applesauce. It was just as well though. He is fighting off some sort of flu bug. I realized that the applesauce would only make matters worse after I served him.

Tonight was a dress rehearsal for the play at church. We all went so that I could help with make-up. After the rehearsal was over, we were all standing in a prayer circle. As one of our elders was praying for everyone to get and stay healthy Birdie threw up on the sanctuary floor. Fun times! (oozing with sarcasm)

We had cake and frozen yogurt/ice cream. Birdie had to sit this one out.

*I had more photos I was trying to post, but for some reason they weren't uploading. I may try again tomorrow. I'm too tired to wait for them.


Brandi said...

Ugh! Why is it that I can fiddle and fiddle with the arrangement of my post, and it still doesn't come out the way I wanted it to. The actual post doesn't even match the preview I checked before I posted. LOL

TMBMT said...

Tell the youngest goober grape I said happy birthday! I was hoping to have my long distance back Monday but they screwed something up and I STILL don't have long distance (ugh).

Are you guys doing an actual birthday party at mom's or anything?

Teri Kathleen said...

Poor Birdie!! Although the timing is hilarious! :)

I can't believe he's 4! Happy Birthday, Little Bear! :)

Brandi said...


I'm not sure about the party. Little Bear and Birdie are both sick (though they try to tell me their not), and Jon, Kitty Kat, and Monkey have play practice Thurs. and Sat. Sunday is the play, if you can make it.




It's hard for me to believe he's four, too.

Damama T said...

Wow! He has changed so much just since this summer's photos. Please tell him HAPPY BEARTHDAY from me!

Sorry about the sicktastic state of your household. Poor Birdie! She must have been so embarrassed. I hope ALL of the critters are feeling all better soon.


TMBMT said...

gah! I still don't have long distance, grrr

Anyway, I'll see if I can try to make it Sunday, but I think that's also the family Christmas thing isn't it?

Bah, I'm behind on everything this year. I haven't even though about starting Christmas chocolate stuff yet... ack

Mrs. Darling said...

Brandi if you wrote your post under the html tag instead of under compose it would come out right.

Love the pics of the little guy!

MyKidsMom said...

Ignore Mrs.Darling;) She always makes it sound so simple (I've heard it loads of times) but it's not.

Happy Birthday little guy! Kind of sad when they don't want to be called baby anymore, but at least the "little" is still allowed.*sigh*

Hope you're all feeling better now.