Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Post Coming Soon

I haven't forgotten about all you wonderful people. I just haven't had time for Blogging. I'll be around to visit and post sometime soon, perhaps after we put our living room ceiling back up.

Friday, April 10, 2009



Yesterday, Jon and I moderated seventeen comments from Damama T. Welcome back Damama! I probably won't get around to answering all the comments, but if you give me enough time, I may.

I'll have to see if we can get an award made up for you Damama.


We did our shopping yesterday, so here are the numbers.

Kroger: $69.67

total for three weeks: $346.67

weekly average: $115.56

The average will probably drop even more next week.

Monday, April 6, 2009

An Angel with a Flaming Sword

Aren't four year olds interesting? Little Bear just told me, "Mom, when I grow up I'm going to be an angel, but I'm going to have a flaming sword. Do you want to know where I got that from? I got that from my Adam book." LOL My son is not going to be a doctor, a lawyer, a street sweeper, or any other normal profession. No, my son is aspiring to be an angel with a flaming sword. I wonder what he'll want to be tomorrow?


I didn't get to the store on Thursday which is our normal day to shop. The kids and I went on Saturday. The kids were not in the best of moods. I started out by telling the kids I was going to take a picture of them to put on the blog anytime I caught them misbehaving. It didn't take me long to realize my mistake. I switched to taking pictures of the kids when I caught them behaving.
Birdie helps by getting beans to put in the cart while we were at Wal-mart.

I caught Monkey with her hands in her pockets while several children behind her were handling the items on the shelves. Her siblings saw this take place and the next thing I knew, several others had their hands in their pockets. (Pay no attention to the green coat sleeves. Ugh! They are the stained sleeves of Froggie's old coat. I told her I would not put a picture of her in the blog if she had the coat on, but she refused to take it off. She was caught being good a couple times, but I can't post her picture since I told her I wouldn't.

Puppy Dog stands by the cart with his hands in his pockets.

Birdie poses with her hands in her pockets. Monkey is in the background looking at a movie display with her hands still in her pockets. Another sister is looking with her hands. Ahem!

Little Bear tries to hide behind his arm as I take this picture. It took me several tries!

What a great older sister! Kitty Kat helps out by taking the boys to the restroom at Kroger.

Our total for food at Wal-mart was $21.56 .

Our total for food at Kroger was $77.75 .

Jon spent about $40 while I was at a friend's Friday.

weekly total = $139.31

total for two weeks = $277.00

average weekly spending = $138.50 .

I haven't been stressing out about food prices as much these last two weeks. Most likely, this is due to the fact that we have had more money available for food. It's looking like our average for food may be higher than it was previously. Due to the rising cost of food, we may have to increase our food budget. Then again, I usually will have a week here or there where I don't do the regular food shopping. That would really drop the average.


While I was typing this, Little Bear brought me the book he previously referred to, and showed me the picture of the angel with the flaming sword. The book is CREATION MY FATHER LOVES ME by J.D. Wise.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So, what do you think?

Yesterday, is a blur to me. lol I didn't post last night because I was too tired, and today I'm drawing a blank. I'll try to remember, anyway.

We started out with cold cereal. After doing some chores and other things, we had lunch meat sandwiches on wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, and cheese. We also had bananas. We then ran some errands. I had put a roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions in our slow cooker in the morning. We had that and sour dough bread with Country Crock for supper. Then Jon had a drama rehearsal and while we were waiting on him the kids worked on their schoolwork while I read to them. We had another stop to make after the rehearsal and we snacked on fruit chews in the van on the way. We got home and snacked on chips and salsa (just Jon and me) and Cheez-Its (just the kids). After putting the kids to bed, Jon and I had jalapeno poppers and pop.

Jon made some food purchases this week that came up to about $30.oo.

I had stopped getting whole wheat flour when finances got tight at the end of last year. Jon wants to go back to whole wheat now, so we are. Yay! I haven't found the time this week to make tortillas. We were at Wal-mart to get a few things yesterday and we picked up two packs of tortillas and a bag of WW flour. Our food total at Wal-mart was $7.30.

During our errand running we took our aluminum cans (35 lbs.) to the recycle center. The price of aluminum had dropped to 25 cents/lb. so we got $8.75 for the cans.

So for this week our total food spending to date is $174.99.


What do you think? Should I continue to post everything we eat each day, or should I just keep a running total of our food expenditures? Please, put your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you!