Monday, April 6, 2009

An Angel with a Flaming Sword

Aren't four year olds interesting? Little Bear just told me, "Mom, when I grow up I'm going to be an angel, but I'm going to have a flaming sword. Do you want to know where I got that from? I got that from my Adam book." LOL My son is not going to be a doctor, a lawyer, a street sweeper, or any other normal profession. No, my son is aspiring to be an angel with a flaming sword. I wonder what he'll want to be tomorrow?


I didn't get to the store on Thursday which is our normal day to shop. The kids and I went on Saturday. The kids were not in the best of moods. I started out by telling the kids I was going to take a picture of them to put on the blog anytime I caught them misbehaving. It didn't take me long to realize my mistake. I switched to taking pictures of the kids when I caught them behaving.
Birdie helps by getting beans to put in the cart while we were at Wal-mart.

I caught Monkey with her hands in her pockets while several children behind her were handling the items on the shelves. Her siblings saw this take place and the next thing I knew, several others had their hands in their pockets. (Pay no attention to the green coat sleeves. Ugh! They are the stained sleeves of Froggie's old coat. I told her I would not put a picture of her in the blog if she had the coat on, but she refused to take it off. She was caught being good a couple times, but I can't post her picture since I told her I wouldn't.

Puppy Dog stands by the cart with his hands in his pockets.

Birdie poses with her hands in her pockets. Monkey is in the background looking at a movie display with her hands still in her pockets. Another sister is looking with her hands. Ahem!

Little Bear tries to hide behind his arm as I take this picture. It took me several tries!

What a great older sister! Kitty Kat helps out by taking the boys to the restroom at Kroger.

Our total for food at Wal-mart was $21.56 .

Our total for food at Kroger was $77.75 .

Jon spent about $40 while I was at a friend's Friday.

weekly total = $139.31

total for two weeks = $277.00

average weekly spending = $138.50 .

I haven't been stressing out about food prices as much these last two weeks. Most likely, this is due to the fact that we have had more money available for food. It's looking like our average for food may be higher than it was previously. Due to the rising cost of food, we may have to increase our food budget. Then again, I usually will have a week here or there where I don't do the regular food shopping. That would really drop the average.


While I was typing this, Little Bear brought me the book he previously referred to, and showed me the picture of the angel with the flaming sword. The book is CREATION MY FATHER LOVES ME by J.D. Wise.


The Watts Family said...

Wow I wish you could come shopping with me. I need to get some or your recipes ~ Blessings ;-)

Mrs. Darling said...

Well I could think of far worse things for him to be when he grows up. What a sweetheart. Come to think of it there are many days I wish I had a flaming sword! LOL

Brandi said...

LOL I edited that post about three times yesterday. Then Jon read it today and pointed out that I typed wander instead of wonder.



Let me know what you need and I'll try to post them and/or send them to you.


Mrs. Darling,

It was cute!

Could you imagine if we had flaming swords? I'm sure glad I don't have that responsibility!

Brandi said...

Oh, yeah! Where's my head? Thanks ladies!

Damama T said...

I'm with Mrs. D. That flaming sword thing sounds really handy!

I wonder how many other families of 8 (or 3, 4, or 5) could boast of spending less than $150 weekly. Very frugal and extremely impresive!

Love the pictures of the good kids! Too bad about the green coat problem. ;o(

Anonymous said...

Hey- Did you know you won one of the prizes at the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention. Check it out here..
See ya there, Kyla Abercrombie
(grand prize winner)

Brandi said...


Thank you so much! I forgot to go back and check!

I'm glad you won the grand prize. I'm sure you can really use the hotel accommodations, since you're coming from such a distance. Do you have relatives in the area?

Brandi said...

Ladies, did you see the comment from Kyla? It's under "Anonymous".

I won a family pass and $25 for the homeschool convention in Cincy!




Froggie has a new coat. We just haven't let her wear it to church yet, so she didn't think to wear it to the store.

My mom gave her a new coat as a Christmas/birthday present at the end of last year. The zipper on that coat broke. I took it back to the store and was given the cash for it since I couldn't find another coat. I found a coat that was supposed to be $350(?) (at Sears) marked down plus another 80% off. It ended up costing us just a couple dollars more to get Froggie a very nice lambskin coat.

We haven't figured out how to put her name in it yet. We go to a church that is rather large and we're afraid someone might grab her coat by mistake. It is a little big so we had suggested to her that she wait until next fall to wear it.

She really didn't need a winter coat for that shopping trip. Oh, well.

Jennifer said...

4 is an interesting age for sure. I like your series you are doing on feeding your large family for just a little. Very interesting.

MyKidsMom said...

Whoa... that's one job profession I haven't heard any kids mention lately,lol. Very cool!

LOVE the mugshots! Wonder if that would work with the Princess when she pouts while I shop..:)

Brandi said...

Thanks, Jennifer and MyKidsMom!