Tuesday, August 26, 2008


August is a crazy month for us.

August 4th - We started back to school.

August 8th - The Olympics started and by the 11th, our schedule was so mixed up that we decided to take a break from school to focus on the Olympics. I had planned for us to do a lapbook, but we were usually napping, resting, or doing chores when we weren't watching the games. I already printed the pages out, so I may set the materials out for the kids to work on at their leisure.

August 13th - our anniversary (14 yrs.) and Kitty Kat's birthday (12) (This is also my grandma's birthday.) We had our own family celebration and K.K. got her ears pierced the next day since no one was available to do it when I called on the 13th.

August 18th - We had a five way birthday party at a shelter near the C.J. Brown Reservoir.

August 19th - a niece's birthday

August 20th - one of Jon's brother's anniversary

August 22th - Puppy Dog's birthday (6) We went to Young's Jersey Dairy for ice cream and then had his cake at home. We didn't end up doing miniature golf (as planned) because it was just too hot.

August 23rd - Birdie's birthday (10) Due to Jon's work schedule and other issues, B.'s birthday stuff was spread over three days.

August 24th - another niece's birthday

August 25th - We started back to school, but not with our regular curriculum. Jon had the day off and we ended up continuing a conversation about the U.K.'s "God Save The Queen" and the U.S.'s "My Country, Tis' of Thee" that we started during the Olympic closing ceremony. We also did some math and health on the subject of intake and burning of calories. K.K. and Monkey worked in their math workbooks. Most of the kids read. Most of the kids colored or drew pictures. We worked on getting our school room in order. (Our school room is upstairs and it is too hot to use it right now, so we do school in the dining room and living room.) The kids played a card game. We reviewed the food we had eaten over the course of the day to see if we had a well balanced diet. Finally, I read from THE LIGHT AND THE GLORY until the kids were too tired to stay awake.

August 26th - I'm letting the kids wake up on their own today since we were up a little late last night. We're going to ease back into our schedule. So far, four kids are up. Birdie is playing with a magnetic creations fairy tale play set we gave her for her birthday. Kitty Kat, Puppy Dog, and Baby Bear are playing "Go Fish" with playing cards. If Froggie and Monkey don't come down before 8:30, then I'll wake them up and get everyone some breakfast. We'll probably start school around 10:00 today.


MyKidsMom said...

Wow, that's a lot of birthdays!

It's so great that your husband has conversations like that with your kids. I tend to think that's normal because my husband does the same, but I've found out that it isn't as common as one might think. Which somewhat makes me wonder why someone would have children if they didn't want to interact with them? But to each their own I quess.

Brandi said...

It sure is great! Sometimes he starts a conversation about something we are studying or will be studying soon without even realizing it.

Damama T said...

Wow, what a whirlwind month you've had. I think it's wonderful that you do such a good job of teaching nutrition. You kids will undoubtedly grow up more healthy than 80% of the rest of the kids their age. Give 'em all (Jon, too) a big hug from Texas.

Brandi said...

Thanks Damama.

Sometimes the teaching bites back. If we relax on our menu, then the kids are always quick to point out the problem areas. lol