Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jon!

Today is Jon's birthday. He has to work, but my mom is going to watch the kids so that we can go on a date.

I'd write more, but it isn't yet four in the morning and I've been up for a while doing laundry and some other things. I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. So, I'll post about our day later (maybe tomorrow?) after our busy day is over and I'm more alert.

Happy Birthday, Jon!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sunflower. It really was a wonderful evening with just the two of us.

Lindy said...

Brandi, how great that you got to go out with DH alone! Hope you had a fab time.
How are the kittens and repair to damages after the tree?

MyKidsMom said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!

So nice you were able to go out for a night together. I imagine those are few and far between (or is that just us?lol).

Brandi said...





We did have a good time. Our dinner experience was better than usual too. It's amazing how six kids can fluster a waiter or waitress.

The kittens are growing and getting better every day.

Jon went out and bought a chain saw and safety equipment so he could do the job himself. He has all (or most of) the smaller branches and foliage off the roof. The limb is still up there. He's having to work around work, church, and the weather. The contractors are extremely busy. Hopefully, we can get an estimate and get the roof repaired before winter weather.



Isn't that the truth! We don't even get to go out once a month. We do try to spend at least a little time alone each day though. Our kids know (or should know) that it is important for our relationship.

Brandi said...

Oh, I forget to add, The TREE MAN and his employees are outside right now. They took down the cracked tree in front of our neighbors today. The kids got to watch it fall. I missed it because I was serving lunch.

TK the Buckeye nut! said...

I thought I posted a "Happy Birthday" from Allen & I, but I must have messed it up. Sorry! Happy belated Birthday, Jon!

Damama T said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JON! Ok, so as usual I'm late. LOL! Haven't read ahead so I don't know yet how it went other than your comment above. Can't wait for more details.