Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Celery Experiment

August 18, 2008: I prepared celery for the joint birthday party. I cut the whole root end off the celery to save time instead of separating the ribs before cutting off the ends. Previously, I had seen an activity for cutting the topmost part of old celery off and putting the root end in water to watch the young shoots grow. I figured it wouldn't hurt to see if it would work with just the root end.

I didn't get any pictures before today. When I cut off the end, I cut straight through. The growth that you can see above the level of the rest of the cut line took place after it was cut. This is what our celery looks like now:

There are even little roots growing now. Can you see them?

The kids have enjoyed watching the progress. Kitty Kat has even taken it upon herself to make sure it stays watered. I moved the celery to our dining room table to take these pictures. Baby Bear walked right past the table, saw the pictures on our computer, and ran to the kitchen to check out the celery. He started getting stressed out because he couldn't find it in its usual spot. "Hey, where'd our celery go!" I showed him where it was and everything was right in his little world again.


Jennifer said...

Interesting expirement, I think we will have to try that too. I bet it is fun to check the progress each day.

TK the Buckeye nut! said...

I read the entry you told me about this morning. Thanks, that was hilarious! Left her a belated comment about it too.

weavermom said...

How fun! :)

We are in the last chapter of Vol 2.

Damama T said...

Did you know that if you twist the top off of a pineapple, like you would a jar, and put it in water it will grow like crazy. I have two really big ones that started that way. One was even starting to sprout fruit when hubby hit it with some piece of lawn equipment and broke its pretty little neck. LOL! Maybe I'll post some pictures of them so you can see.