Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some of What We've Been Up To

We've been a little busy, lately.

Birdie, Monkey, and Puppy Dog were in our church's children's choir. This year they went by the name, Inside Out. Froggie and Kitty Kat didn't sign up for the Jr. High choir in time, so they didn't participate (on stage) in the Night of Worship this year.

Birdie and Monkey

Puppy Dog

all six children after the Night of Worship

We watched two of Jon's nieces last Saturday. While they were here, the children discovered some strange fungi (?). The children have been been observing the fungi each day. It dies off each day and then a new fungus is in the same area the next morning. Does anyone know what it is?

Birdie, Monkey, and Puppy Dog after their Inside Out award ceremony.

Kitty Kat, me, Froggie, Monkey, and Birdie after the Sonflower Scout badge ceremony

This is what our living room ceiling looks like right now. Little Bear says we made it naked. Actually, it's not even there. The old plaster ceiling was falling down, so we had to take it down. We're hoping to have the new ceiling up this weekend and get the living room repainted next week. We still haven't decided what color of paint to use. We have some ideas, though.


TMBmT said...

Those mushrooms are stinkhorns


(might not want to have to explain "phallic" to the kids though lol)

are you going to add a layer of insulation before you put the ceiling back up? Might help keep some of the heat in the livingroom in the wintertime

Brandi said...

Thanks, TMBMT. I think I like our description better. They look a little like worms or tube worms. Strange, we haven't noticed any odor to them. We don't really get that close. There has been a fly on occasion, though.

We hadn't even discussed insulation. I don't know. There are a lot of wires and old gas lines in the rest of the ceiling area. I took a picture of that corner because it looked less messy. The room above the living room is carpeted. We also tend to run our ceiling fan to help circulate the warm air in the winter. Otherwise, it all stays at the ceiling.

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my goodness, what ugly mushrooms. I have never seen anything like them before!

My kids are in the choir at church too. They love it. It appears like your kids do too! :)

Brandi said...

Yes, Mrs. Darling, they definitely do. I have really been absent here, haven't I?

MyKidsMom said...

Those are some ugly fungi! I've never heard of them either. They look like creepy red fingers reaching forth from the grave... okay, now my kids are rubbing off on me,lol.

Love those choir t-shirts. And I love hearing kids sing good music versus the junk that's on the airwaves for kids nowadays.

Are Birdie and Monkey twins? They sure look like they could be!

Brandi said...


No, Birdie and Monkey are seventeen months apart. We get that question all the time though. When someone is first getting to know them, they usually mix them up. It probably doesn't help that Birdie started K late and Monkey started early. They are in the same grade.

Damama T said...

1. Awww Birdie and Monkey are so cute up there! I swear they look like twins! So much cuter than any of the kids in the background. (hush! I am not partial!)
2. First thought: Doe. A deer. A female deer... LOL!
3. First thought: Little shop, little shop of horrors, Bop shoobop, little shop of terrors... AAAAAA!!!!!
4. Cute pics of sweet babies! But isn't it frustrating that you can never get all the kids in a shot to smile at once! LOL!
5. OK, so you girls just made a liar out of me. Love all those beautiful grins!
5. Hope there are 'after' pics coming up or I'm gonna be really disappointed!