Monday, June 8, 2009

Why Didn't I Think of This Before?

There are times when I have take my children with me to the grocery store. I'm pretty sure taking the kids doubles if not triples the time spent at the store. The trips are always smoother when I am creative and have something planned for the children to do while we shop. Yesterday evening I had to take the children to the store and I came up with a plan and I think it was the best in a long time.

Saturday, our local library had a book sale. I went by myself in the early afternoon and brought back a backpack full of books for five dollars. I didn't have enough time to look, because I had to get home to take the four girls to a skating party. While the girls were at the party, Jon and I decided we would take the boys to the library and see what else we could find. As we walked in we were handed plastic grocery bags and told that we could have whatever we could fit in a bag for one dollar. The boys had a blast helping us fill the bags. We brought home seven more bags of books.

Our children are loving having all the new books to devour. At least one has plans to read all of them this Summer (well maybe not the college math book I picked up).

I took advantage of their interest last evening and allowed each child to bring a book with them to the store. That was the most peaceful shopping trip with children that I have had in a long time! I'm definitely going to do that again.


On another topic, I have a couple prayers of thanks. 1. We paid our van off Thursday and we now officially own all our vehicles. 2. A man in a car sped through a red light Saturday. The boys and I (in the above mentioned van) had been stopped at the light for the intersecting street. We and the van turning in the lane beside us just missed being in an accident with the speeding car. The fact that I was at a full stop at the light before it changed kept us from being in the intersection as the car sped through. The car missed our van by about five feet and missed the other van by about five inches. As Puppy Dog said, "that car was flying" and "we need to thank God that He made you put on the brakes!"


Aunt Tammy said...

wow! talk about a close call! Glad He was looking out for you.

Library book sales are the best! :)

How did the skating party go?! I take it everyone came back with all their bones intact :)

Brandi said...

The skating party went well. Nobody had any injuries worse than bruises from falling. Apparently, Froggie spent most of her time skating on the carpet after a tough time on the wood floor of the rink. I think Kitty Kat and Birdie may have spent more time on the carpet as well. Monkey was the only one on the skating floor when I went to pick them up.

Aunt Tammy said...

Well, tell 'em not to feel bad, I have a vague memory of a lot of carpet time before I got comfortable skating on the rink too lol

Man I wish I could still skate... fun times.

I gotta say though, books in the grocery store don't sound safe... I have visions of a particular blondie lost in a good book walking straight into an endcap full of Little Debbies... sounds like something her Mommy would have done lol

Brandi said...

Yeah, I think Mom had all of us practice on the carpet at some point. I miss skating, too. I might just have to put on some knee braces and try a family outing soon. lol


They actually didn't run into anything. I only had to point out people in their paths a couple times (less than normal). I gave them all instructions and guidelines before we reached the store. It seems to have worked.

MyKidsMom said...

I avoid taking the kids shopping as much as I can, but sometimes it's inevitable. I think I'll try the book trick myself. I have to admit I'm a little bit jealous of the $1 a bag books- what a deal!

Praise God his hand of protection was over you. I had a friend from college killed at a stoplight last year, and it's just so sad that it could have been prevented.

Brandi said...

I am so glad I was trained to be a defensive driver. On the way to church for Kid Fest (VBS) one morning this past week a vehicle did a U-turn in an intersection. There was a two way stop and this vehicle didn't look before pulling back into oncoming traffic. I was able to throw on my brakes and avoid an accident by about a foot or less this time. The other driver just gunned his car as soon as he had cleared the curb.

Do drivers get a little crazy at the beginning of Summer where you are?

MyKidsMom said...

I live off a major highway, and they ALWAYS drive crazy on there. I only WISH it were seasonal.

Damama T said...

The fact that your kids would rather read than eat most of the time still just blows my mind! And to get all those books so cheaply! woo hoo!

You are right - Thank God and defensive driving skills for your being safe! MG is driving now. If we were near you, I'd call you everytime she left the house just to be safe! LOL! Then you could thank me, too! ;o)