Monday, June 22, 2009

Moms Aren't Supposed to Get Sick, Right? or I Think

I think I've been fighting this off for a while now. I've been dealing with allergies, aches, headaches, etc. just about all Spring. Now, I'm sick.

I think being busy for our week of V.B.S., which our church is now calling Kid Fest, was the final straw.

I think whatever I have is viral. (I almost decided to change the beginning of that last sentence. Then I thought, "Oh, well. It's a pattern." I seem to be doing a lot of thinking for someone who is having trouble thinking.)

I think I better cut this short and go get some more rest. Hopefully, I'll recover and feel more myself soon.


The Watts Family said...

Oh Brandi sorry to hear that your not feeling well I can relate to the allergy/ sick I have been struggling with the same. I have been using alot of vitamin C and juicing and I am finding it to help. Praying your health will be restored soon and you will have renewed energy ~Blessings Heather

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you get better soon! Get plenty of rest! it possible for Mom to get rest?? :)

MyKidsMom said...

Oh my, I totally know what you mean. Sometimes these things hang on so bad. I don't suppose it's the late nights and crazy schedules we keep as moms that keep us from getting well? I have to laugh at your "I seem to be doing a lot of thinking for someone having trouble thinking." Been feeling that way myself.

Get better soon!

Brandi said...

Thanks ladies! I'm going to do an update post.

Damama T said...

Honey, moms get sick because they tell themselves they don't have time to get sick so they keep pushing when they are getting sick and then end up so sick that they HAVE to stop long enough to recover. (Glad I typed that cuz I'd have passed out from lack of oxygen if I'd tried to say it! Anyway...) Please allow yourself time to rest so you don't end up sick again any time soon. xoxoxo