Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Things have been rather crazy, lately.

The challenge of eating out of our pantry was not well timed for us. Then again, we really didn't have much grocery money this month, so maybe it was well timed. We were blessed by both of our moms. My mom sent some carrots (from my sister's garden) and some other food items home with us last month. Kitty Kat helped out Jon's mom and she sent Kitty Kat home with some items she wouldn't use: corn flakes, rice, dry pinto beans, tomato juice, and condensed milk. Between the items we were given and shopping just for what we absolutely needed, we made it through the month.

We had two birthday girls in January. Monkey turned ten on the twenty-sixth and Froggie turned fifteen on the twenty-seventh. My parents had a birthday dinner for the girls on Monkey's birthday. The boys had started coughing the Thursday before. That evening at my parents, six out of the eight of us had fevers. Tomorrow will be two weeks since the boys began getting sick. Most of us are still congested and worn out. The birthdays weren't as much fun as they could have been.

Little Bear, who turned five last month, was just miserable Friday, so I took him to the doctor. He was diagnosed with an acute cold, an acute ear infection, conjunctivitis, and a bead was in the other ear. Yes, a bead. The doctor said there was no telling how long it had been in there. Little Bear could not remember putting it in his ear. It was a type of bead that we have not had out in quite some time.

A few days ago, I reached up to put a clip in my hair and pulled a muscle in my neck and shoulder. I can barely move without taking ibuprofen and using Biofreeze. I've been stretching constantly, but the muscle(s) is/are still very tight.

We aren't buying pop anymore. Jon is even in on it. Actually, it was his idea! We have been drinking a lot more water.

I saved thirty-three percent off my grocery bill Monday using coupons on sale items. We have more food in the house. The trip to the store took a while, but it was worth it.

I hope and pray you all have a good night/day.


The Watts Family said...

Wow that was some month sorry to hear about your exhaustion and illness in the home. And ugh I feel for you with your neck I just did something similar. I used some different herbal rubs that I thought worked well but it was mostly taking it easy that helped the most. Praying for healing for all of you as well as a full pantry ~May the Lord continue to bless your family and supply you with all you need ~Love Heather

Aunt Tammy said...

Glad someone's eating those carrots!! I still have 2 gallon bags almost full in the bottom of my fridge (they're holding up very well - still seem fresh) and manage to eat about one or two a week lol

With doing the party beforehand I forgot to call Brit on her birthday :/ oops Sorry goober grape!

Are the kids feeling any better yet?

Brandi said...

Thanks, Heather!

Tammy, she said she likes it when you call her that.

We seem to be on the mend. Some are still coughing, some have runny noses, and my neck and shoulder are feeling just a little bit better.