Thursday, June 24, 2010

God, thank you for spiders!

Yesterday, I went to put some meat in one of my Crock-Pots. I stopped short when I saw something in the pot. "That's strange," I thought. "I know this got washed. Maybe something got missed?" So, I stuck my finger down in the pot and poked at the "flaked, leftover-from-being-missed-during-washing-who-washed-this-Crock-Pot-last-time-anyway, peeling food" only to discover that it was a live spider. Yuck!

I postponed putting the meat into the crock. There was no way I was going to cook in it without rewashing it! As I was drying the crock, I discovered a crack that went from one side of the crock's bottom to the other both inside and out.

If it weren't for that spider, I could have had a mess or disaster on my hands!

We still had our dinner, I just cooked it in my other large Crock-Pot.


Mrs. Darling said...

Yuck! I cant even tell you how i hate spiders! Poor you!

Brandi said...

I got over the spider rather quickly. I was truly thankful for it! I can only imagine what a mess/risk that would have been to cook something in a cracked pot. I'm glad I found the crack before the food went in!