Monday, April 14, 2008

I added some motivation to my profile.

This is close to the way I want to look when I'm done with my weight loss journey. Obviously, I won't look like I did as a senior in high school, but I can dream, right? The crazy thing is that I used to think I was fat.


tmbmt said...

oh man that brought back memories!!

how'd you find a sr pic where you actually looked energetic?? I didn't know any existed... think you had mono during that photo shoot didn't you?

Wow you look young there! Funny, at the time you were so OLD lol

For the record, I totally considered you skinny back then! The only reason you weren't rail-thin was cuz you actually had muscles.

btw, I think that scanner needs dusted lol

Brandi said...

I think that was one of the first poses. I was still getting over having had mono at the time. The back of the picture says 3/93, but I thought my pics were taken in January. Perhaps that is when the photographer printed them (3/93). I think I was back to school full time by the time I got my pics.

If I didn't have those muscles, then I still wouldn't have been rail thin. I always stayed the same weight but slimmed down a little during softball season. Marching band and softball helped keep me in shape.

I think it is the picture itself that needs dusted. The album it was in was very dusty. I didn't take the time to dust the picture. I guess I'll have to rescan it soon.

Damama T said...

WOW! Now I want to see more! Wedding pics next?? Please. Pretty please. With sugar on top? ;o)

Vanessa said...

Wow, that's a great pic- what no big hair? Wasn't it stil in? That would have been fun- giggle.
I completley get what you mean about high school, I too thought I was fat, its crazy cuz now I'm easily twice that size and then some.
Mrs. Darling has a blog on wieght loss where we get together to meet up with others on the same journey. It's really neat and she has quite the following. Here is the link-
Hope it works. Mabey I'll see you there.

Brandi said...


We didn't do big hair at my school (well most of us didn't). A school just North of us was really into the big hair thing, and we made fun of them (shameful, I know).

I'm on board at Mrs. Darling's already. It's nice to have some accountability isn't it?

Brandi said...


I tried to add a wedding picture the other day, but I had some technical difficulties. I'll try again soon.