Friday, April 4, 2008

Lions? and Tigers? and Bears!

Jon got a call from work on Wednesday asking if he wanted cut for the day. He decided to take the cut. Because of our new schedule, everyone was almost ready for the day when the call came. We were able to make an impulse trip to the Columbus Zoo. We took our time getting ready, ran some errands, and made it to the zoo by 11:00 AM. We got through one-half of the zoo, and made plans to return to go through the other half next week (weather permitting). Jon is on call next week and I saw a forecast for rain, so we may need to reschedule.

If you're wondering about the ?s in the title, the
lions and tigers were not in their habitats. The
zoo was doing some work on those areas. We did
get to see quite a few bears. One pair of bear brothers even gave us a show. Wow, they fight nicer than my children do!


tmbmt said...

wow, there's a lot of ham in those photos! :)

what a great idea, looks like you all had fun!

I have 3 music books for you, though I don't think any are the ones the links I sent were for (those were gone)... if you don't want them just give em back and I'll re-posh...

Though, one of them I'd seriously consider cutting up for beads, very awesome color layouts on nearly every page I looked at! LOL

Brandi said...

Yeah, maybe it's a good thing the lions weren't out. They might have mistaken the kids for a snack.

Vanessa said...

You forgot the "oh my".(lol)I actually have a scrapbook page labled that. Great minds think alike.
How on earth do you get your kiddos to all look so genuinly lovely in your pictures. At least one is always doing somthing that makes me grit my teeth.

Looks like you guys had a great time. Cute cute and cuter.

Damama T said...

Did you pose them?? They are getting so big! Too bad there wasn't anybody around to get a picture of all of you. It would have made a great blog family photo. They are getting so big, the don't hardly even look like the current one anymore! LOL!! Go hug 'em for me, OK.

Mrs. Darling said...

This looks like you all had so much fun!

We really need to get to the zoo soon. This makes me want to go.

Brandi said...

We did have a lot of fun. There was very little stress and we just let things unfold as they would.

Vanessa, I was going to put "Oh my!", but I decided to let my readers add it themselves.

You should see us at a studio trying to get pictures. It's crazy. there is always something I don't like about every picture and we haven't had a photographer yet who would listen to what we wanted (pose wise).


Damama T, no we didn't pose them. They each posed themselves. The most we ever said was "move a little this way so I can get you in the picture." They are growing fast. The current blog picture is from last Summer/Fall. They all grew a lot this Winter. Generally, my kids don't grow very fast, yet the last few months they have really taken off.


Mrs. Darling, we sure did have fun. After we go again to see the other half of the zoo, I'll probably post more pictures from both trips.

Damama T said...

I still like my version better. ;o)

Mrs. Darling said...

Been lookin' for ya. Havent seen you in these parts. Hope all is okay!

Brandi said...

Things have been busy here and I haven't had as much time for blogging. My next post will explain my absence a little better.