Saturday, May 3, 2008

Please, Pray For Ed and P./Locks of Love

My mom called me this morning and informed me that my dad's coworker Ed has lung cancer and the granddaughter of one of her (Mom's) friends was diagnosed with Leukemia. I don't have permission to post her name so I'll just refer to her as P. From what I understand, P. had been fighting a low grade fever on and off for a couple months. Recently, her legs began to give her some trouble and last night her family was informed that she has Leukemia. P. is seven years old and I know that her family would really appreciate any prayers for her and her family.

Thinking about P. and the long hard road she probably has ahead of her reminded me of Locks of Love. Locks of Love uses donated ponytails to make hair pieces for children under eighteen who have hair loss due to medical conditions. Some hair salons will donate their time to cut and style hair, and send in the ponytails to LOL. My older three girls and I (Monkey has had her hair cut by a sister a couple times) have donated our hair every couple years for the last 5+ years. This year is an off year for us, since our hair is not yet long enough to donate. I encourage everyone who is able to consider donating their hair to this worthwhile cause. If you want more information or need to find a salon that will donate to LOL, you can follow the link above.

Thanks everyone!


TMBMT said...

Did she also tell you they just found out Dad's coworker Ed has lung cancer?

Brandi said...

Yeah, she told me, but I forgot. Our conversation was very short and hurried. I'll add that in.

Damama T said...

Cancer stinks. It's rotten when you are an adult, but for little ones it must be 100X harder, especially for their parents.

Both families will be in our prayers. I'm also going to add a button for LOL to my blog to help get the word out. xoxo

Brandi said...

Thanks Damama.

MyKidsMom said...

My nephew was diagnosed with leukemia at age 4. It is such an incredible thing for a family to go through, I hope they have a good support system of family and friends, ect. He is now in remission, and we are praying it stays that way.

Brandi said...


I'm glad your nephew is in remission. I hope and pray he never comes out of it.