Wednesday, May 7, 2008

There was a crash, ...

but no one got hurt.

Our computer rebelled yesterday afternoon. We finally got the restore program to run, but we lost everything that we had ever changed/added since 2005. Fortunately, Jon made a set of backup disks a few months ago. Unfortunately, the backup disks didn't restore everything. We lost all our documents, pictures, music and games that were uploaded/downloaded . . .

We even lost Kitty Kat's math up to this point. Yep, she is using SOS (Alpha Omega Publications Switched On Schoolhouse) Math this year and I had to re-install the program and reassign the units she hadn't finished. Her math records for this year are nonexistent. It's a good thing she tests well. We had already purchased AOP Lifepacs for Kitty Kat for next year and I'm glad we did. She likes the SOS, but it was difficult havng her tied down to our only computer for math.

I kept telling myself that I needed to back up everything. I had good intentions of burning disks with my school files and resources organised on them. I was also going to burn some picture album disks. Hmm . . . I guess there's a little more motivation to follow through with that as I rebuild my files. Yikes, that's a daunting task!

Speaking of rebuilding, I lost all my bookmarks to the sites and blogs I visit. Please leave me a comment so I can find you again. I have located a few of you, but it would make my life a lot easier, if you would just drop me a line. I'll put moderation back on so you can send me the information without worrying about others seeing it. If you don't want your comment published just make a note of that in the comment.

TMBMT, I need your blog info. please. I couldn't get there through past comments.

Update: We also lost everything from our address book.


TMBMT said...

ack! you should have called me, I might have been able to help you get stuff back before you restored...

too late now :P

Blog link should be on my name in this post. Not that I blog enough to matter lol

Mrs. Darling said...

What a frustrating bummer. Well Im sure you probably know my addy! OL Take care.

MyKidsMom said...

Oh goodness, this is like everything I've ever feared (only happening to someone else!). It reminds me that we MUST get our backup disks made. So sorry you lost the school stuff, I have so many links (school-related) on my favorites, it would take me SO long (if I even could) to re-find them. Oh dear!

6 kids...Wow! I feel like I'M super-busy homeschooling 3 kids;)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Brandi said...


I thought about it, but we were too impatient.

Mrs. Darling,

Yep, it didn't take me long to find you.


I too had a lot of links. Fortunately, I think I can retrace my steps to find most of them. I'm definitely going to have to burn some discs with our school stuff organized on it from now on.

weavermom said...

Oh no! That's a lot of work... and stuff. So sorry, esp about the pictures.

Let me know if I can help with Weaver links.

Brandi said...


Thank you!

We're getting ready to start Vol. V next school year. So, I'll probably be seeking out new links and references anyway.

You're in Vol. II now, right? I'll assume you have done Vol. I. I may need more help in a couple years, when we start the rotation over.

Vanessa said...

I can relate to this. A pipe burst in our basement, where our school room is, and we were sitting in an inch of water. MY computer didn't make it at all. I use HST and I lost all info up to that point. This was just before Thanksgiving. I still don't have everything we did and winged it on what I did put into HST. My main concern was all those pictures I had on there. The insurance company was able to return my harddirve but I have as of yet to see if anyone can get the pics off of it.
Burning all that stuff is very daunting and even though I should have already done this I still haven't, guess I havent learned.

Good luck.
Take a deep breath its the only way I got through two months of my basement mess and the chaos that rained after the fact.


Damama T said...

AACK! I hope everything is back up and running now. I'll email you later with all my info again.

I've missed you. xoxoxo

Brandi said...


Yikes, I'm glad you made it through that.


I've missed you too. I'm glad you're seeing a glimpse of sunlight over your way. Hopefully, the storm will be over soon. Monkey's still praying for your August snow.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, So sorry for the crash.
Our computer was shutting down by itself a while back, and one time to get it back I hit system restore...ooops. BIG OOOPS. It restored our computer to the FACTORY settings. UGH. Thank Gooness my husband knows a thing or two about computers. He was able to get our stuff back. WHEW!
We also have an external hard drive that we dump all of our photos to so that nothing will be lost if the computer drive crashes again. We bought it a while back and I like the security. Blessings, EJT