Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Camping '08, Part II

Monday (6/30) evening we were supposed to have two ball games to go to. Both were rained out.

The sun came out on Tuesday (7/1).

In fact, it was so sunny that the dogs were getting overheated where they were tethered. We moved them into the shade and tied them to the same tree. Oops! Big mistake. Froggie was petting Maggie later and Midnight got jealous so she tried to get in on the action. Maggie snapped and attacked Midnight and an all out dogfight ensued. Froggie backed up out of the way as Jon told me to stop the fight. So, I did the crazy thing of reaching in to pull them apart. I pulled Midnight back, but Maggie was still able to reach her. Maggie tried to attack Midnight as I was reaching for Maggie's collar. Maggie ended up scratching my arm (about a three inch shallow cut). I cleaned it out and put triple antibiotic on it, but it still bled so we bandaged it. I don't know what got into the dogs. They had their rabies boosters right before we went camping, but I don't know if that had anything to do with it.

Jon took Kitty Kat, Birdie, Baby Bear, and Midnight to his game. I took Froggie, Puppy Dog, Monkey, and Maggie to Monkey's game. I know I took pictures of Monkey, but for some reason they are not on my computer. I'll have to check my camera's memory cards to find them.

Monday night we ended up taking the dogs into our tent, because they didn't want to stay quiet. Tuesday night, Jon was determined to leave them outside the tent. We didn't get much sleep because they would bark every time someone walked by our sites and every time another dog barked.

Wednesday (7/2) afternoon, I sent a couple of the girls to get water and they ended up fighting loudly. Then, a little while later, a ranger stopped by. I wasn't sure if it was going to be about the girls or the dogs. It was about the dogs. He said there were some complaints and that some people had left. The dogs were annoying, however, so were some other dogs in the park (ours just have bigger barks). It was interesting, no one had gone from our area who was not already scheduled to leave. Hmm. That night and another night the dogs stayed in our tent. Two other nights we left them at home, because we knew the fireworks would drive them crazy.

A lesson learned: Guard dogs do not belong in a campgrounds. I guess we'll have to board them somewhere after this.


Damama T said...

OH NO! I'm just glad your bite wasn't worse. Please be careful with big dogs when they are fighting no matter how well you know them. A friend had half her face ripped off when she tried to break up a fight between two of her big dogs. She'd raised both from pups and they were normally so sweet but they got into a fight for some stupid reason and when she tried to stop them they BOTH turned on her. She had to have massive reconstructive surgery and had horrible scars the last time I saw her back in the late 80s. Don't wanna scare you. I just like your pretty face where it is! xoxoxo

Brandi said...

Thanks for your concern.

It was actually a scratch from one of her claws. She was trying to swat Midnight and I got in the way, I don't think she realized I was there she was so focussed on Mid. The scratch is healing nicely. I will have a thin scar for a while, but I expect it to fade over time.