Saturday, July 26, 2008

Four Down One to Go

Kitty Kat, Birdie, and Monkey are all now done with ball for the summer.

A week ago Thursday, Kitty Kat’s and Birdie’s team ended their season with a scrimmage against the parents. That was fun but short lived. We only played two innings before some of the parents had had enough. My mom had the boys at her house, so we didn’t have to worry about Baby Bear being on the field. Thanks Mom!

Monkey’s last game was Tuesday. At the beginning of the season, most of the kids got their four pitches and then had to hit off the tee. By the end of the season, most if not all the kids only needed the tee on occasion. Monkey was able to hit off her coach’s pitching about two out of three times up to bat.

Jon still has tournament games (I think). Otherwise, we are now done with the softball/baseball season.

The last couple of years I have been really frustrated about the way the fast pitch softball program has run. In the past I have felt helpless because I couldn’t do much to help out. Next year is probably the best chance I have at correcting that. I should have three girls in the same league. Puppy Dog will be in Sandlot Baseball (the league Monkey was in this year). This year there wasn’t a league for Froggie’s age group through our parks and recreation. I would guess that that will be the same next year. Baby Bear will still have another year before he will be old enough to play. Therefore, I am determined to get in better shape and volunteer to coach the girls’ team next year. Jon said he would take a break from softball if he needed to and be my assistant coach. He would be able to take P. D. to his games if needed. Froggie could help us out, too.


Buckeyes Nut said...

I need to get into shape too, different reasons same need. Maybe we could work out together? Lemme know! :) :)

MyKidsMom said...

Wow, it must really keep you hopping getting your kids to all those games; and I thought Tai kwon dae two times a week was tough:)

Brandi said...

buckeyes nut,
We'll have to come up with something. Park dates with the kiddos, walking at church, ... we'll think of something.



It really did work out well this year. Jon and I had to go different directions a lot though. I have been worn out! I'm ready for school to start again. I think we all are. (That sounds weird coming from a homeschooler doesn't it?)

Damama T said...

I think it's great that you want to get involved and make a difference. Have I told you lately that you impress the pants off of me! I don't know how you do it, but if you could figure it out and bottle it you'd be one rich lady!!

Brandi said...

thank you, Damama.

I have my good moments and my bad moments just like everyone. The bad moments probably outweigh or even out the good.