Saturday, October 25, 2008

7 Things About You Meme

I was tagged by Jennifer at Getting Ahead for this "7 Things About You Meme". So, hear goes . . .

1. For about thirteen to fourteen months when I was in the end of fifth and beginning of sixth grade, my family lived in Kentucky. One day after we had lived there for a while, our neighbors saw us kids outside playing. They asked my mom who that other girl was. My mom asked who they were talking about and they pointed me out. I spent so much time in my room reading the neighbors didn't even know I existed. LOL * My mom could probably elaborate or correct if needed. My memories of that time period are a little foggy.

2. I love baking and cooking, but I really don't like cleaning up afterward.

3. If I have to wait for a child to do part of an assignment, I have to have something else to do. If not, I tend to get drowsy. I give the children stretching and moving breaks in between subjects. The children benefit from this and so do I.

4. I am one of those people that could read a newspaper with a red pen in hand. Every little typo, spelling, and grammatical error jumps out at me. I used to correct the letters I received as a child. When my older two girls were in public school I cringed whenever I got a poorly written note from their teachers. While I'm blogging and commenting on other blogs, I don't always proofread before I publish. When I see my own errors, it drives my crazy.

5. I have about a hundred things/projects I would like to do but don't have time to do.

6. If it were up to me, then I would probably never get new clothes. My husband usually buys clothes for me or drags me to the stores. My parents tend to give me clothes or a gift card to a clothing store for Christmas.

7. I like liver and pork brains. I can remember eating pork brains with my grandparents, but I'm not even sure a person can get them anymore. I sometimes tease the children about having pork brains, liver, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and other "yucky" foods for a meal.

That's done. Now to choose seven people to tag . . .

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Here are the rules if you got tagged or just want to play along:

1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 7 random things about yourself
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post
4. If you're tagged, DO IT and pass on the tag


Tara O'Rourke said... to do this...but as far as my blog goes, you need to refresh...the background isn't black anymore. LOL

TK the Buckeye nut! said...

#7 - EWWW GAG!! LOL As nasty as this is to me, I'm curious, what did the brains taste like?

Off to do mine..

TMBMT said...

FYI, brains are NASTY (and my sister is nuts). It's kinda like eating liver, but has none of the redeeming qualities of liver. (Of course, I never thought there were any redeeming qualities of liver until I tried brains)

You can still get beef brains in the store on occasion ... I'm sure you could find pig brain somewhere if you were desperate.

Here's a fun article for ya though:

Brandi said...


I'm now seeing frogs!

Thanks for playing along!


The last time I had brains was a long, long time ago. I just remember liking them.

You with a cc license? Hmm...that might just be a little scary! ;)



I don't know about nuts, but ...

"Crazy? I was crazy once ...

TK said...

LOL Thanks a lot! LOL ;-)

Brandi said...

Just so that everyone knows, I was teasing Teri. I don't think we have anything to fear.

Teri Kathleen said...

LOL!!!! :)

Damama T said...

I workin' on it! I'm workin' on it! LOL!

Damama T said...

oh - duh! forgot to tell you that we have numbers 2, 3, 4, & 6 in common. Especially 6. Hubby has bought way more of my clothes over the years than I have.