Monday, October 13, 2008


Sunday, September 14 seems so long ago, doesn't it? Almost a full month ago, a part of our neighbor's ash tree fell on our roof. After a frustrating cycle between insurance, estimates, and unreturned phone calls, I talked Brandi into letting me do it myself (I promise I won't fall off the roof, honey!). And yet, I still don't have the job done. You may be wondering what is taking so long, and frankly, so am I. So if you could please tell me...

Mandatory overtime at work (I was not allowed by work to refuse), mandatory family time (no tree is gonna get between me and my kids), keeping my Sunflower happy (need I explain?!?), and lack of a spotter have all conspired with my general fear of falling (a very healthy fear, I might add) to keep me from getting back up on the roof to finish the job. Yes, I said back up. I was up once, which would be when I discovered my fear of falling. Not really afraid of heights, just afraid of falling. With a brother spotting me, I spent 3 to 4 hours up there with a chainsaw just cutting off the leafy branches. Today, for lack of a spotter, I am trying to break down the limbs into firewood, kindling, and compost.

Pictures of me usually look like this,

but I let Brandi (a.k.a. Sunflower) snap some of me while I was "on the job."

Carrying one of the many branches after stripping it to cut it up.

Cutting with POWER ! Arrr arrr arrr.

Halfway done with the little branches, now for the rest on the roof (still !).

Doesn't look too bad, but don't .....

... look down.


TK the Buckeye nut! said...

I'd volunteer my husband, but we've got a full weekend this weekend. (viewing, funeral, zoo, grandparents) But feel free during the (next) week to give us a call and he can come help!

weavermom said...

Oh, I'm laughing!! The power tool Arr, Arr, Arr cracked me up!

Congrats on having that job done! :)

GuessWho said...

Now you know why I can get up to high places but can't get down.

Thus, I was put on the roof as a kid to clean the gutters, and would be the same place, (never moved) when they came back looking for me. Even when there was a open window, a few feet away!!

MyKidsMom said...

Hahaha. "Not a fear of heights, just a fear of falling." Sounds just like a man's explanation, which I suppose is good in this case;)

Hope school is going well for you Brandi. Thanks for stopping by with birthday wishes!

Damama T said...

ROFL!! "Not really afraid of heights, just afraid of falling." NOW I understand what causes that queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I get more than 2 feet off the ground!

GOOD JOB on getting all that wood chopped. Now after this year's snow wars you'll have plenty of fire to warm up by.

Brandi said...

In Jon's defense:

He actually doesn't mind heights. He loves tall roller coasters and other tall structures. He just likes to be strapped in tight.

I get motion sick, so when Birdie had to be care-flighted (as a toddler) Jon went with her in the helicopter. He loved it! He didn't like the reason he was getting the ride, but he loved being up that high, etc.