Monday, August 31, 2009

I Have a Busy Day Tomorrow

I already had tomorrow roughly planned out, then something came up. I changed my plans around only to realize that the event that will take us out of the house will not just change how we do school. I had plans of making bread tomorrow. We're out. My lunch plans were dependent on me being home to mess with the bread. We can't eat out. Jon also will need a work lunch. I've got eight pounds of burger in my fridge that I need to do something with. I was going to make meatloaf for tomorrow and brown some. Hmm...pardon me while I think on here. A list, I need a list!

To do before 10:00am

  1. Devotions (These will be a must!)
  2. Start the bread. Hmm...maybe I'll start this tonight!
  3. Get ready for the day.
  4. Check the dough. Punch it down. Shape it and get it into pans.
  5. Make sure the children are up and getting ready and feed the pets.
  6. Fix and eat breakfast (oatmeal and yogurt?).
  7. Bake the bread.
  8. Make meatloaf with potatoes and carrots around it.
  9. Get the bread out. Make sure to put it in the cabinet after it cools a little, so the pets don't help themselves to a treat.
  10. Put the meatloaf in the oven at a cooler temperature than normal (300 d. ?).
  11. Get together the children's assignments.
  12. Clean the kitchen.

10:00 am
- ?

  1. Head out with the children and some of their assignments.
  2. Reach our destination and start the children on their school work.
  3. Do what it is that I need to do (the something that came up).
  4. Call Jon to have him check the meat loaf? I don't want to wake him too early.
  5. Come home.
  6. Finish fixing lunch and Jon's work lunch.
  7. Eat lunch by 2:00 pm.

2:30 - ?
  1. Jon goes to work. The rest of us take a rest time?
  2. Chores
  3. Finish school.
  4. I guess we'll have to eat supper sometime. Which means I'll have to fix it. Pizza might be quick and easy.
  5. Brown the ground beef while supper is baking/cooking.
I really hope I have a couple of good helpers ready early! I'm going to need all the help I can get in the morning!

I'd better get started on that list since it's after 12 am already. I'll have to get some sleep sometime soon.

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings.

Please pray for me if you feel so led. My attitude about tomorrow is not what it should be. Thank you!


Mrs. Darling said...

yep bussyness is the name of the game. I have to take Peter to a dentist appointment a half hour away. I have to be there at 10 am. I then have to stop at the library and pay fines; all 80 dollars of it. I kid you not! Then make sure Im back home here by noon for a teachers meeting that will last two hours. After that I will spend the afternoon canning and in the evening I have a nursery directors meeting to oversee. Hopefully I can fit some sort of time in there to work on the school stuff. This is just getting ridiculous.

Hope your day goes better then you anticipate! :)

Brandi said...

Thanks, Mrs. Darling. So far the day hasn't quite gone exactly according to schedule, but it hasn't been too bad, either. I'll post more about it later.