Saturday, August 1, 2009

A New Schedule

Our "normal" schedule just wasn't working very well. It didn't work well during the school year. It hasn't really worked for us this Summer. So, after finding out that Jon wouldn't be going back on first shift, I decided to try a new schedule. First shift people will probably think we're insane. We might just be.

So here's the tentative schedule:

9:00 AM Mom up, devos., shower, and get ready (7:00 on Sun. and Thurs.)

10:00 Kids up, devos., shower, get ready; Breakfast (8:00 on Sun. and Thurs.), Dad up?

11:00 Chores, Dad up?

12:00 PM School

1:00 Clean up and fix lunch.

1:30 Lunch

2:30 Dad goes to work, School

4:30 Snack

7:30 Finish school and eat supper

8:30 Free time, homework, evening chores, and family time

11:00 Kids to bed (10:00 on Sat. and Wed.), Mom prepare for tomorrow

2:00 AM Mom to bed (1:00 AM on Sat. and Wed.)

3:00 Dad home and to bed (?)

We plan on getting/making some thick curtains for the kids' rooms to block out the early morning light.

Today was our first day trying this schedule. I just came up with it last night. It didn't go too bad, but the boys did get up too early. Hopefully, with time we'll all adjust.

So, what does your schedule look like?

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Tara O said...

I've lived this schedule...I know it well. Our schedule consists of ???? right now. LOL.