Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Really Don't Like It When My Kids Are Sick

Then again, I don't think anybody does. It's so frustrating to see an ill child and not be able to fix the problem in an instant. My children don't get sick often, but it tears me up when they do. You can read that word, tears, either way you want (my original intention was that it have a short vowel sound).

Monkey and Birdie are no longer ill. Monkey has been fever free since yesterday afternoon. Birdie has been fever free since last night.

This morning, Froggie woke up with a fever. Ugh! I always dread Froggie getting sick. She works herself up and feels much worse than she needs to. A mild fever turns into a major fiasco. She thinks that if she is at all sick, then she must throw up. She forces herself to do so. She also has no regard for where the product of that action goes. It goes wherever it goes. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to clean the hole in our living room floor that our t.v. cables go down through? It's a wood floor. I suppose I'll just have to spray Lysol down the hole and hope it doesn't damage the floor's finish.

Apparently, the ibuprofen tablet I had Froggie take took affect in the twenty minutes she allowed it. Her fever is gone right now. I'm trying to get her to nibble on a saltine cracker to make sure her stomach is settled, but so far the cracker is just laying beside her. The saga continues...

Who knew that the other children would want to eat today? Can you believe it? They're asking me what they can have to eat. Their sister is sick and they want to eat! I haven't been able to get to the store and they want to eat! Alright, saltines for everyone (including myself lol)! I'll have to make some chicken soup today. That usually perks Froggie up when she's ill.


Aunt Tammy said...

*hugs* to all

I was terrified I gave them something but that's definitely not the kind of sickness I had lol

At least she hit the hole? :P

get out some pb&j to go with the crackers I always liked cracker sandwiches when we were little :D

Brandi said...

She hit the hole and all around the hole. Yuck! At least she hadn't eaten anything, so it was just watery.

That's too funny about the pb&j crackers! Just before I read your comment, I fixed pb&j crackers for everyone except Froggie.

The Watts Family said...

Praying you all feel better soon~Blessings Heather

Damama T said...

Dang kids! Wanting to EAT?? GEESH! LOL! I hope your whole crew is back up to full speed by now.

LOL! I also have to tell you about the word verifiation for this comment:

Tablings - Childen who sit at the table expecting to be fed after they've been sick.

MyKidsMom said...

LOL I have one of those that works themselves up and feels worse than they need to as well. But I never knew quite how to put it into words. I'm hoping he doesn't end up being a hypocondriac. It wouldn't happen to be your middle child, would it?

Brandi said...

Heather, thank you. Everyone has been well this week.

Damama, they are up to full speed now. Thanks.

MyKidsMom, no not a middle child.