Friday, November 13, 2009

Last Weekend

The answer to my last post:

What Do The Following Items Have In Common?

high temps.
dead car
murder mystery
call to the police
cinnamon rolls
scalloped potatoes
gas caps
lunch run
four hours
zero hours
antennae topper
Reese's Pieces

is they all took place last weekend.

high temps. -- children with fevers (actually Mon. - Sat. for that one) and our van overheating
hobos -- Birdie and Monkey went on the 5th-6th grade youth group hobo hike. They dressed a
hobos and had to help rake leaves at a church members home so that they could roast
hotdogs and marshmallows over an open fire for their dinner.
dead car -- Jon's car quit working. He had to leave it away from home for a couple nights until a
friend helped him tow it home. (My dad came today and helped Jon fix the car.
Thanks, Dad!)
party -- Friday night, some friends from church threw a murder mystery party. Jon and I were
on a team (two couples) that tied for the win. Thanks for watching the kids, Mom and
murder mystery -- See above.
call to the police -- I went out to go pick Jon up from work Sunday morning just after 4am.
When I got to our van, I discovered that the door to our gas tank was open and the
cap was gone. No gas was stolen. I called the police to report it before going to pick up
4am -- See above.
missionaries -- This month is missions emphasis month at our church.
cinnamon rolls -- I made homemade cinnamon rolls for our Sunday school class.
scalloped potatoes -- I made these for the potluck lunch our church had for the missionaries who
were in town.
gas caps -- See "call to the police" and "Wal-mart"
Bengals -- They won on Sunday!
Buckeyes -- They won on Saturday!
lunch run -- Jon was on a lunch run for the two of us when his car wouldn't start.
Wal-mart -- After picking Jon up for work Sunday morning, we went to buy a new gas cap for
our van. The one the book at the store said to get was not the right one, so we had to
take the first one back and get a different kind (the most expensive :( ). We now have
a locking gas cap. On the way to church Sunday morning we saw our gas cap at the back
of our property. Anyone want an old gas cap?
four hours -- The number of hours I got to sleep Sat. night to Sun. morning.
zero hours -- The number of hours of sleep Jon got after getting off work Sun. morning.
antennae topper -- Sadly, the boys discovered Sunday evening that the antennae topper my
sister gave us was missing. We assume it was taken at the same time as our gas cap.
Reese's Pieces -- Birdie and Monkey won boxes of Reese's Pieces for having two of the best hobo
costumes. My mom did a terrific job helping them with their costumes!
shoes -- Little Bear announce that he couldn't find his shoes at about the same time we should
have been leaving for church Sunday morning. We didn't find his shoes until after
church. I found a pair of Puppy Dog's old shoes that we thought were too big for Little
Bear. They fit him! We were still late for Sunday school though.

Yesterday, our van let me know in no uncertain terms that it will no longer provide transportation for us until we get it serviced. Friends of our gave me a ride to our small group meeting last night. Of course, this happened the week I was responsible for dinner.


TK @ Gallery 713 said...

Yup...I think I knew all except the last 3! LOL :) See ya tomorrow.

Big Mikey said...

okay I was wondering about a few of those lol

Hope you're able to get the van fixed without too much hassle/expense :/

Glad dad was able to help you get the car fixed.

Do I need to see about a new antennae topper? Pretty sure I have a snowman for you at least for the Christmas season :)

Brandi said...

See you tomorrow, Teri. Actually, I'll probably see you this evening.

Sis,thanks! I'm sure the kids would love having a snowman topper. Are you sure you don't need it?

MyKidsMom said...

My oh my, somebody had a busy week!

Brandi said...

We sure did!

Aunt Tammy said...

Pretty sure I still have an extra snowman or two. I bought a dozen of them from orientaltrading back when I was in California lol I'll try to remember to go get one out to bring on Thanksgiving.

Damama T said...

I have to go take a nap now. THAT WAS EXHAUSTING! Glad you survived it all.

Brandi said...

Thanks, Sis!

Brandi said...

Thanks, Damama! It was exhausting and stressful, but we did in fact survive.