Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh Yeah, Our Van Got Fixed

I just realized that I never posted that the van was fixed. We took the van to the repair shop on Tuesday and got it back on Wednesday. It doesn't overheat or leak anymore!

In other news, I have to go prod the children to lay out their clothes for tomorrow and get them to bed. G'night all!


Damama T said...

YAY! Walking with that any little ones in tow could be difficult! ;o)

By the way, YOU WON THE KETCHUP CONTEST! I'll be mailing you a bottle soon... or $5 to buy your own, probably! LOL! HUGS!!

Brandi said...

LOL That's funny!

You know, I could buy a bottle of ketchup for about a dollar.

Brandi said...

Hugs back at you, Damama!

The Watts Family said...

Great News! Car trouble is never fun~!Blessings Heather :D