Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It Was Only A Matter Of Time

The weather here in Ohio has been all over the place. For example, last week we had a day in the 70s and the next day it snowed. Right now, there is snow on the ground. The children are talking of Christmas. When there is snow on the ground Christmas must soon follow. Right? Wrong. If you live in Ohio, then the chances are you will have snow for Thanksgiving and only need a light jacket for Christmas.

Hmm... I have strayed from my point.

Anyway, when the weather goes through crazy changes, people in my household end up sick. This past week, several of the kids started fighting coughs and stuffy/runny noses. We went through half of a large tissue box in one day. We've been fighting hard to get everyone healthy and try to keep it from spreading. However, last night I lost the battle. I had been fighting off the sickies. I thought I was doing O.K. Then, the girls and I went to Sunflower Scouts last night. It was bitter cold. I got through most of the night fine. As we were waiting for parents to pick up their girls, it hit me hard. All of a sudden, I had no energy. I started feeling achy and unsteady on my feet. I ushered my girls out of the church hoping the other ladies had everything under control (the girls in the age group I help lead had all been picked up).

The kids and I slept in late today. We needed it. Kitty Kat and I had stayed up late last night working on dishes. This morning, I am still feeling blah. Now, I also feel feverish. Ugh! Mamas aren't allowed to get sick!

Now that I've ranted a little, I'm going to go finish getting ready for the day so we can get school done.

Where's the optimism? I didn't have to get up early, get kids ready, and take kids to school this morning!


Damama T said...

I'm so sorry you got puny! You are right to be happy about not having to drag yourself out at the crack of dawn (or as we say, because we are NOT morning people around here, the BCD - butt crack of dawn! LOL!) to take kids to school.

Hope you are all feeling much better soon.

MyKidsMom said...

Wow, I had no idea that Ohio had such extreme weather going on. I grew up in Indiana, which pretty much was humid half the year, and very cold the other half,lol. I miss the snow part, but I'm not sure that I would want it the middle of November either.

Hope you and the rest of the family feel better very soon!

Teri Kathleen said...

Sad that you are still sick. Feeling any better at all?

Brandi said...

I feel some better when I take NyQuil and DayQuil. I've been sleeping more (8-10 hrs. instead of 4-5). I don't seem to be shaking the cold though. My head hurts from coughing. I cough even after taking medicine. I've been sucking on halls and taking extra vitamin C. It will probably be a while before I get over this. If someone else has something for a week, I usually have it for three weeks. Ugh!