Thursday, November 13, 2008

Optimistic or Sarcastic? You Decide.

I may never have an empty nest.

So, here's the story that goes with that statement.

Puppy Dog (6yo) had worn out his shoes. I mean the toes of his shoes were completely split open from one side to the other. I taped his shoes last night so that he could wear them to P.E. this morning. Jon picked up a new pair of shoes for him on his way home from work. It just so happens that he found the exact same shoes as P.D. had before. When Jon came in the door with the shoes, P.D. saw the box and got excited and demanded his new shoes. That doesn't work at our house.

Jon slipped the box to me and I had Monkey sneak P.D.'s old shoes to me since he wasn't wearing them. I switched out the shoes and put the lid on the box. Jon then presented the box to P.D. A look of confusion came over P.D.'s face as he opened the box.

Jon then had me take the box back and change the shoes again. Jon took the box out to P.D. and told a story about a salesman telling him that this was a special box. If you put an old pair of shoes in it and close it, when you open it the shoes will be new. Jon told P.D. that it didn't seem to work last time, but maybe it would if they tried again. P.D. opened the box and got excited, "Awesome! I got new shoes!". Froggie (13yo who will be 14yo in Jan.), on the other hand, got excited and yelled, "It worked! It worked!". Froggie then ran to tell Kitty Kat and anyone else who would listen about the magic box. Froggie genuinely believed that the box was magic.

So, there's just one example of why we may never have an empty nest.

Seriously though, does anyone have any words of hope for us?


Teri Kathleen said...

Wow!! I am at a loss for what to say to this! LOL

Damama T said...

I'm not sure how this means you will never have an empty nest... unless you are calling your kids.. ummm... common-sensically challenged?? LOL! They are so cute that they won't have any trouble finding someone to love them and take them away when the time is right. Then you'll be wishing for a magic box that turns them back into the silly gooses you love today. ;o)

Brandi said...

Damama T,

While a couple of the kids are "common-sensically challenged", that is one of our worries that is further down the list. I'll send you an e-mail soon.

TMBMT said...

I forgot to check your blog for a while...

Here's a positive note for you... Froggy might very well keep the faith of a child for much longer than the rest of us have :D

Btw, she's always welcome to come stay with me when you guys get sick of chasing boys away from her! :D