Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monkey's Creative Writing 2/25/05

Monkey was looking through one of her old Creative Writing notebooks this morning. She got a laugh out of this recipe that she came up with. She said I could share it with you as long as I put the date of the assignment. LOL

A round sandwich


2 square slices of swiss cheese
2 slices of 100% whole wheat bread
1 hamburger dill slice
1 stick of pepperoni
1 apple chopped into 4 pieces
1 strawberry chopped into 4 pieces
2 acorns chop each acorn into 3 pieces
3 sunflower seeds


Mix all ingredients except bread and cheese. Then you spread the mixture on one slice of bread with a wooden spoon. Next, put the slices of cheese on top of the mixture. Put the other slice of bread on the very top. Cut a circle out of the middle of the sandwich with a very long knife (that goes across the living room). You have to be where God is to do it.


Lucille said...

VERY creative! I love the thought of being where God is to cut it!

Thanks for sharing!

Brandi said...

Thanks Lucille!

That was years ago and I didn't even know that was in my book. It was funny when I looked at it.


MyKidsMom said...

Very cute:) Definitely creative.

Damama T said...

Very interesting and creative. Did you ever actually make it?

Brandi said...

No we never did make the sandwich. Are acorns even edible for humans? The children who could write at the time and I all wrote out sandwich recipes that day. If my memory serves me right, I wrote a recipe for a "Toe Jam Sandwich". LOL

Lucille said...

Are you feeling any better? I am - very little. I'm checking with the doc tomorrow, since I was so sick last year around this time.

Hope you are on the mend!

Brandi said...


I'm not really feeling any better. OTC meds give some relief, but not much. I tend to get one of these colds/infections each year. It will bounce from my head to both my head and chest to my chest to both to my head ... It's in my head and chest right now. Hopefully, I won't have to go to the doctor. I tend to stay sick longer than the average person.

My kids all have colds too. Jon is the only person in our house who isn't fighting this right now. The kids have overcome the coughing and just have the snotty noses right now.

Vanessa said...

Very cute. My boys love looking at their scrapbook like this. It's funny what they do and come up with at various times of their lives.

Brandi said...

It sure is Vanessa.


Are you feeling better? I'm sure you probably are with the new job and all.

I am not as bad off as I was, but the cold is still hanging on. I'll probably keep it all winter. That seems to be my habit the last few years. Jon has it now. His voice is rough and he has the lead role in our church's drama team's play next Sunday. Hopefully, he will be better by then.