Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fourteen Years of Keeping Us Hopping

Our Froggie turns fourteen today! She wanted to sleep in for her birthday, and she got to.

Since the boys were still with my mom, Froggie decided she wanted to paint her tea set today. She has had this set for at least a year. It was just never a good time when she wanted to paint it. So, Froggie painted her tea set and the other girls painted with water colors. The boys came home before the girls were finished, so the boys got to paint with water colors, too.

I figure we'll probably make a cake for Froggie later tonight or maybe tomorrow. We still have some of Monkey's cake.

The kids are all just grumpy and out of sorts today. I let them put in a movie to rest to hoping they would quit fighting and tearing each other down. It seems to be helping some.

Friday, we are going to have a birthday dinner for both girls at my mom's house. Thanks Mom and Dad!


Teri Kathleen said...

Happy belated Birthday Froggie! :) :)

Brandi said...

Thanks Teri!