Friday, January 16, 2009

How do you get a letter to Jesus?

Little Bear is really coming up with some deep problems and interesting solutions, lately.

Monkey, Puppy Dog, and Little Bear were making/playing with "mailboxes", cards, and letters today. Baby Bear decided that his card/letter was for "Baby Jesus". Questions and answers about how to get the card to Jesus, Jesus growing up, Jesus dying on the cross, and rising from the dead, etc. followed. Of course, you can't just mail a card to Jesus. My idea that Jesus would see it as Bear wrote it wasn't enough. So, Little Bear has decided that he needs to climb a mountain to give the letter to Jesus. Not only is Little Bear planning to climb a mountain, but he also has to put on his shoes and socks so that he can climb the mountain with Daddy and me.

As much as I need to get into better shape, climbing a mountain really isn't what I had in mind.


Aunt Tammy said...


That's awesome! I love you little bear!

The good thing is he probably won't know the difference between a big hill and a mountain...

MyKidsMom said...

LOL Kids come up with the most interesting ideas.

Good luck with the mountain climbing:)

Brandi said...

I'm actually hoping that he will forget with time. I can hope right?