Monday, January 26, 2009

Nine Years of Monkey Business

Nine years ago today our fourth daughter crawled up over my shoulder in the hospital and earned her nickname, Monkey. Yes, today is Monkey's birthday.

It has been and will be crazy today.

Jon took a personal day yesterday, because he couldn't sleep Saturday night and Monkey wanted to sleep in for her birthday, so we let the kids stay up a little later than usual. The kids slept in some and that let Jon get more sleep without all the noise. We let the kids have the day off from school on birthdays, so we were just lazing into our day (Jon and Monkey were still asleep) when a friend dropped by for an unexpected visit. Our dogs tried to get out to lick her to death. Her jaw dropped in surprise when she saw me in my bathrobe. LOL She didn't end up staying.

We made a quick cake to eat with lunch. Monkey frosted it herself and put the candles in. Jon ate a piece right before running out the door to work.

The girls and I have Sonflower Scouts tonight. Mom just picked up the boys so she could watch them overnight for me. They normally have father son time on S.S. nights, but Jon's new schedule doesn't allow that. The boys aren't sad at all though. They get to play with their cousin and spend the night with their grandparents.

I have to get parent letters ready with petal point information (for Sonflower Scout badges), so I better go.

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Teri Kathleen said...

Happy belated Birthday Monkey!!!!!

LOL at the friend who dropped by. I tell anyone that if they wanna drop by unexpectedly they can expect to see me in my pj's no matter the time of day! I only get dressed when I have to leave or know someone's headed here! LOL :)