Monday, September 7, 2009


Since it's a new week, I'm determined to post what we eat for the $75 a Week Grocery Spending Challenge. I'll try to post for every day this week. I'll decide for the following weeks when I come to them.


Breakfast: cold cereal and milk

Lunch: chicken, 3 peppers and onions, and corn with teriyaki sauce over rice

Supper: cheese pizza, banana halves

sliced bell peppers (from my Mom's garden), tomatoes (from our garden and my
Mom's), and tomato juice (Thanks, Mom!)


Breakfast: leftover pancakes (from Saturday), milk

Lunch: macaroni and cheese with peas, fried bologna, and sliced tomatoes

Supper: cookout at my sister's house We're taking deviled eggs and carrot sticks.

The kids are thrilled about this next subject! Some of them have been fussing about only getting a half banana at a time. They don't care that half a banana is a serving, they just want a whole one to themselves. Anyway, Jon brought home a treat last night from work.

Bananas for banana bread!

Sorry about the picture quality. We misplaced our camera and still haven't found it. This picture was taken with my phone.

Tomorrow will be quite busy with school, housework, and lots of baking!


Tam said...

You should do some choc-dipped frozen bananas as a last-harrah to the summer :)

Brandi said...

I have put some in the freezer. Do you freeze the bananas first, or dip them and then just freeze afterward? I might do some chocolate covered banana bites. I'm sure that would be sweet enough for a snack.