Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday (because I'm not feeling creative today)

I was totally worn out from our travels yesterday. Therefore, our meals today were rather blah.

Breakfast: banana oatmeal

Lunch: leftovers and bananas

Supper: french fries with browned ground beef, cheese, and ketchup

Snacks: fruit snacks (kids)

I did get a loaf of banana bread made and some bananas frozen. We'll have the bread for breakfast in the morning. In total, I took care of seventeen of the bananas Jon brought home. We used five bananas from what we already had here for lunch.

On the homeschool front:

I only had the kids work on unfinished assignments and take Spelling tests. They were supposed to take the tests on Friday, but they got carried away with their Science assignments and we ran out of time. Before the tests three of the girls sat in a circle and gave each other a "fun test" (Monkey's name for it) for review. Those who had tests to take did well (nothing below a B+, three got A or A+). Puppy Dog fussed that "someone" lost his Spelling list, so he couldn't study. He got all twelve of his words and his bonus word correct!

Tomorrow we're going to have to work extra hard so that we can go to evening church.


Teri Kathleen said...

Church starts tonight? Guess I'll have Allen take me to work so he & the kids can go.

Brandi said...


Yes, it did. Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I just now got on the computer. Is Monet going to be in Inside Out (children's choir) this year? Practices started tonight, but he can still join.

Teri Kathleen said...

Monet brought home the paper but specifically said he didn't want to do it. I'm glad he's acknowledging it now. He used to get so excited to do it, but freak once he got on stage.

Allen didn't end up taking them yesterday. I think I'm gonna attempt to make him next week. (i think he just didn't wanna get up at 10 to take me to work)