Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We're Going to Have a New Schedule!

Get ready to do the happy dance! If you can't dance, then just give a happy shout with us.

J.'s workplace is in the middle of a new shift bid. He is done with his bidding. They got ahead of schedule, so they called him and there was a really great slot still available. Get this:

1. First Shift -- I won't have to keep the kids quiet while he is sleeping during the day!

2. He has someone under him in seniority, so he won't have last pick of work packets.

3. While he will now have to work five days a week, his workdays (aside from overtime) will only be for eight hours. That means more of his off time can be spent with us instead of sleeping.

4. He has Sundays and Mondays off. He'll still be able to go to church on Sundays. He'll be able to play on the Monday night church softball league. These two days off are two he had off on the last bid, so we won't have to get used to new days off.

5. We can have school while J. is at work, and be out of school by the time he gets home.

6. Our meal times can be more "normal" which will help me with regulating my blood sugars.

7. Since we'll be getting up earlier in the mornings, it will be easier to get up and out the door on Sunday mornings.

8. I'll be able to sleep at a decent time, which will allow me to get up before the kids instead dragging myself out of bed because the kids got up with the sun.

9. Speaking of the sun, we'll all get more.

10. He was also able to get a good week off for vacation!


weavermom said...

Wow Brandi! That sounds like a wonderful blessing! YAY!! :)

Miss Missy said...

I am soooooo happy for you! I really do understand the difference shift changes make-my husband worked night shift for about 3 years.
Agggggrrrr to keeping the kids quiet in the daytime! That's when they would be fully refreshed from a good night's sleep and ready to run and play!
BTW-I did a happy dance with you. You know how Snoopy does his dance? That was me. : )

Brandi said...

Thanks Weavermom and Miss Missy!

Yes, I'm (we're) truly blessed, and now I have the song from the Peanuts going through my head! lol :)

Anonymous said...

yay!! Great to hear! :) I'm sure the kids will LOVE getting to see more of Daddy too!

Btw I haven't forgotten about the document I owe you, things went all goofy here, I'm gonna get back to work on it and try to have it in the next few days for you.

Brandi said...

Thanks, tmbmt!

I know you've been busy. Don't let it get in the way of what you need to do.

Poetikat said...

Hi Brandi! Thanks for stopping in at Poetikat's; it's nice to have new visitors. I think you can do the "Fun, fun, fun" thing as long as you link back to the source of your picture on Flickr. I don't think there's a copyright infringement then. Hope to see you back again soon.

Damama T said...

wahoooo!! YIPEEE!!! WHOOOP! WHOOOP!! WHOOOOP! That gives me HAPPY FEET! - Can't touch this!!

Brandi said...

Poetikat, you're welcome. Thanks for stopping by here.

Damama T, it just keeps getting better. He doesn't start the new shift for another week. That's strange, the new shift usually starts right away. Oh well, we can deal with that. The way his days off from the old schedule and his days off for the new schedule work he thinks he will have a four day weekend before starting the new shift. His first day on first shift will be my birthday, but I'll have him home the evening of my birthday!

Kefira said...

Good for people to know.