Saturday, February 2, 2008

Addition Bear

The kids and I made an addition bear to help younger children (mostly Baby Bear) with their math. We also have a subtraction bear in the works, but we haven't finished it. I am doing a lot of the work for this one. The kids are helping me choose colors and make design choices. The subtraction bear has earrings that Puppy Dog added. Later, I am going to have the older children work on books of their own.

It's a little hard to see in these pictures, but each ear, arm and leg has either an addition problem, the word name of the number, or a shape.
The number 6 bear has six tiny stars that form a collar and buttons.

The ears, arms, and legs are all flaps that can be lifted to reveal the answer to the problems, the shape name, or dots to represent the number (under the number word).

Notice the face on 7? There are three small stars and four tiny stars. The kids liked that the face could be used for math problems. On the belly of 8, there are three stars. It's difficult to see, but the top star is red, the middle yellow, and the bottom one is green. The words stop, slow, and go are under the appropriate colors.

I will post the rest of the pictures on the next post.


Damama T said...

What a seriously cool idea! I bet there are tons of people out there who would buy these for their kids! If you wanted to make a few extra bucks, I bet you could sell 'em on ebay or somewhere! Heck, I'd put an ad for them on my site! NEAT, NEAT, NEAT!

Brandi said...

Damama T,

That's an interesting idea. I've been pondering it the last few days. I don't think it is feasable at this stage. The bears are made out of construction paper. Maybe I can come up with a more durable cloth design. I'll have to explore the idea for a while.