Saturday, March 20, 2010

Get Ready to Save

Heidi at The Frugal Girls has her "Sunday Coupon Preview: Sneak Peek at Inserts!" post up.

One coupon I'm looking forward to is "Fleischmann’s Yeast, strip or jar Save $.40/1 (6/6)" from the Smartsource coupon insert. The will double at Kroger making the yeast much more affordable. If you are planning on making homemade bread this next week and don't have yeast on hand, this can help get you by. I'll post how I get my yeast in a later post.

Heidi also has links for sites that you can print coupons from. Kroger and Meijer will accept these coupons in our area, but Wal-mart will not.

Thank you, Heidi!

Also check out Cellfire and Shortcuts . After registering, you can load coupons to your Kroger Plus (or affiliate) shopper's card. When you use your shopping card at the register, the coupon discounts automatically come off your order. You can use paper coupons on the same products and they still work.


Tam said...

Do you want my yeast coupons? I'll get at least two today probably, I might have old ones that are still good too lol

If you drop me a line with the list of the coupons you really like from each week's paper (or every once in a while if there's a special one if that's too much hassle) I can save them back for you and drop em in the mail.

Oh, also, I don't know if you still have student loans, but uPromise will let you put coupons on your card too -- those go towards paying off your loan instead of giving money off, but you can combine them with the other ones.

Brandi said...

I usually don't buy yeast at the store. If I can catch the strips for 99 cents, then it might be worth using the coupons at the store.

Do the same with the coupons you want and we could swap.

Our student loans have been paid off for years. We do have an account (I think it's U-Promise) that is supposed to earn money for buying certain items that is split between each of our children. After about five years we probably have less than 50 cents total in the account. We just don't buy the right items at the grocery store. I wouldn't mind the info. for coupons if it works for that though.

Tam said...

I'll try to remember to do that. The uPromise thing should work fine with whatever you have setup. I've got about $12 accumulated and I think it rolls over at $25... I think I might be able to setup my account to send the funds to your kids if you send me an invitation by my hotmail email address from your account page.

In any case, to find the grocery coupons, login, go to Coupons & Deals, skip the stupid advertisement if you get it, skip it again if you get it again (lol they're annoying), then find the "grocery eCoupons" button. Select the ones you want and then make sure to activate them (orange button on the side).

Once you set it up I think they last a month? They email me about once a month anyway about the grocery coupons so I usually try to go back in and activate the ones I want again.

While you're there make sure you have both your Kroger card and your CVS card setup. You can also setup by creditcard but I don't like sharing that information.

I'm going to check and see if mom has an account with them yet and if not I'll setup her cards on mine or have her setup an account herself.

If we can all funnel our funds into the same place maybe the $ will add up fast enough to actually matter lol