Monday, March 29, 2010

Twodays' Meals

Yesterday, after church, we stopped by Kroger to get our papers. The kids and I decided we wanted pizza for lunch , so we decided to buy frozen ones that I knew were on sale so we could eat sooner. I had wanted to spend some more at Kroger this month anyway. We have been stocking up this month and I want to get my fuel discount as high as possible. I didn’t have my coupons with me, so I chose to buy items that were a good price that I didn’t have coupons for anyway. My fuel discount is now $0.70 off per gallon.

Here is what we got for just over $40.

2 papers

~ 17 lbs of meat for our freezer ( I don’t like to spend more than $2/lb. I spent $1.28-$1.49/lb.)

2 pizzas (part of a buy 8 items/get $4 off deal)

6 2lb. bags of frozen veggies (part of the above sale + I used 2 coupons from a dispenser for $1 off 3)

I forgot to buy the garlic bread we are supposed to take to my parents’ house Tuesday, so I may have to go back. I could make it myself, but we’re going on a long trip soon and I really want a bigger fuel discount. Purchases I make on sale items now will be purchases I won’t have to make at regular prices later when money may be tight.

Sunday’s meals

Breakfast - instant oatmeal (Thanks, Sis!)

Lunch - salad, pizza

Snacks - at church

Supper - fish sticks, corn

Today’s meals

Breakfast - cold cereal, milk

Snack - Colby cheese and Club crackers (Thanks, Sis!)

Lunch - Lasagna Hamburger Helper, French cut green beans

Snacks - Cuties (M. oranges) or orange juice, peanut butter on a spoon (while watching how peanut butter is made on TV)

Supper - Meat loaf, baked potatoes, carrots, apple sauce

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