Monday, January 7, 2008

Go Bucks!

We're going to my mom's to watch the National Championship Game tonight. J. and I made a cake and some egg kisses to take along.


Anonymous said...

cool! hope you guys had fun! Mom wanted me to come up but I didn't wanna have to spend the gas money again (I figured some kids might wanna have me at their birthday parties later in the month :)

was that pan made for this purpose? (they make stadium pans?? lol)

Mom'll be happy about the egg kisses, she totally loves those things!

I thought the game was over but it's still going... have fun with the kids tomorrow! Ohio State's not doing so hot right now... maybe they'll rally.

Brandi said...

The first quarter of the game was great. After that, the game was stressful.

I really think we need to have a bowl game in the Northwest. The bowl games always take place in the SEC climate and never in the Big Ten climate. Of course, if the game had been in Ohio, it would have been too warm as well. It was up to 70 degrees F yesterday.

Brandi said...

By the way, we found the pan at Wal-mart for $13.00.