Sunday, January 6, 2008

One Sick / The Rest Worn Out

Baby Bear woke up sick in the middle of the night. I helped some and then went back to bed. DH stayed up and was going to stay home with Baby Bear while the rest of us went to Church. However, DH fell asleep sometime during the night and is still asleep. The other kids have been worn out and not sleeping well. I still had a pretty bad headache when I woke this morning. So, I kept everyone home. I let the kids sleep as long as they would.

After breakfast and some free time, we went through some "Keys For Kids" devotions that we had available. As I type this, the kids are working on memorizing I Peter 3:15. After DH wakes up, we will probably sing some praise songs and have the kids recite their memory verse.

Hopefully, at least some of us will be able to make it to church this evening.

We're going to have to establish an earlier bed time for the rest of the winter. We have been very lenient over the holidays and the kids aren't getting enough rest.


Update (1/7/08):

Baby Bear is feeling better. He is back to his ornery little self.

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Damama T said...

I'm so sorry that Baby Bear is sick. How sweet of DH go stay up and let you get some more rest. And how sweet of you to let him and the kids sleep in. I love that you still encourage bible study even though you didn't make it to church. What a great example to set for them.

And that blasted headache! Do they know what's causing them? I hope you feel better soon!

By the way - I think I solved the picture problem. Check your email in about 10 minutes and give the new version a try when you feel like it.