Friday, January 18, 2008

Three small words . . .

. . . I didn't want to hear. This is how I woke up this morning.

Birdie: "Mom, (Bear) threw up!"

(a quick prayer of distress and a groan, then)

Me: "Where?"

Birdie: "on the couch and on the floor"

Me: "(Baby Bear) are you O.K.?"

There was no answer after asking him several times.

Me: "(Birdie), is (Baby Bear) O.K.?"

Birdie: (in a voice that said, Duh! He just threw up!) "No!"

Me: "Is he alive? He's not answering me."

Birdie: "No."

Me: "He's dead?"

Birdie: (Not at all distressed.) "Yeah."

Me: "Is he at least breathing?"

No answer. Birdie had gone upstairs.

I get to the living room and Baby Bear is standing on the couch like a statue. There were odd looking puddles on the couch seat and the arm of the couch. A watery stream was on the floor running from just under the arm of the couch to about three feet away.

Baby Bear: "Mom, clean me up!"

I sniffed the air.

Me: "Did you drink syrup!?"

Baby Bear: "Uh-huh."

Me: "Where's the bottle?"

Baby Bear: "in my yoom" (read room)

I tried to clean Baby Bear up with baby wipes, but he was too sticky. He got a bath.

I spent a long time sopping up syrup. I had to get a bucket of cleaning water to clean the couch. After a while, I laid paper towels and then a cloth towel on the spots hoping the rest of the mess would soak up into it. Guess what I get to do later today. Yep, I get to clean the couch again. Our house now smells like maple syrup. I guess I'll have to burn the pancake candle I got for Christmas, then maybe we won't notice. I don't think Baby Bear will want pancakes for a while.

As I was getting Baby Bear out of the tub, he asked me why he had to get out. I told him it was because I had to fix breakfast. What he said next confirmed my thoughts on him choosing pancakes, "I don't haunt (read want) breakfast!"


As Birdie was bringing her breakfast dishes to the kitchen drinking her milk as she came she asked in typical Birdie style, "Mom, what's for lunch?".

I can see it's going to be one of those days.


While talking to Birdie later, she told me that she had misunderstood what I meant when I asked if Baby Bear was breathing/alive.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! You found a use for the pancake candle!

I'm sorry, I know that had to suck, but this was too funny. At least he was sick from his own toddler antics and he's not really sick again (I'm assuming, anyway).

Talk about an object lesson! I bet he won't be drinking from the syrup bottle again anytime soon!

Anywho, let me know if you want to get rid of an older kid for a few days/week for early spring break or something, my arm's all messed up again and I could use a gopher.

Don't forget to let me know when the birthday parties are...

Damama T said...

Oh (giggle, giggle) NO! (snort, giggle) NOT THE SYRUP! Sorry - I shouldn't laugh, but the image of him standing there all sticky is just too cute. And I love the idea of burning a pancake candle! LOL!! Too funny!

Have a great weekend.

Brandi said...


I lit the candle last night when J. was out running errands. He came back home and exclaimed that the whole house smelled like maple syrup. I told him I had lit the candle, and he said, "Now that's just wrong!".

No, he's not really sick.

J. and I will talk about sending a kid. It would have to be Froggie, because Kitty has to do her math on our computer.

We're thinking Monday at Mom's for the party (combined), but I still need to get in touch with Mom to make arrangements.


damama t,

Thanks, I hope your weekend is a good one, also.

Lucille said...


Oh my goodness - what a story! :) At least you can kinda smile about it - right?

Thanks for your suggestions on how to reply or treat comments - I like how you do it here and I'm trying to do that as well!

I suppose when we have hundreds of comments a day we won't be able to do that, huh? ;)

Here's hoping we both have that "problem" soon!


(have a good one)

weavermom said...

I followed your link from the Weaver list - and OH MY! I'm so sorry! ;)

I hope things got better over the weekend!

Brandi said...

Pancakes must have been on my brain. Saturday mid-morning I lit the candle and fixed a brunch that included pancakes. I put brown sugar on each pancake as it got done. (For some strange reason there wasn't any syrup. lol) Baby Bear had no trouble eating them.


You're welcome.

Hundreds of comments? I wonder how long that will take.

You have a good one, too!


From what I can remember the weekend did go better. It seems like it happened ages ago.

Thanks for visiting.

Have a great night everyone!