Saturday, January 12, 2008

Spelling Time

Yesterday, I took these pictures of the girls practicing their
spelling words*, while the boys were napping. I wanted a
record of all four girls hard at work.

Just as I pushed the button to take the picture, Monkey decided to stretch.

In this one, Birdie decided it was time to quit.

In this final picture, Froggie took a break.

The award for working straight through about thirty seconds of picture taking goes to Kitty Kat. Her prize? The good feeling that comes from a job well done!

* The girls were using blocks they got from their aunt, TMBMT ( Storyblox ).


Anonymous said...

that's totally cool that u used the blocks for a spelling lesson! :)

Looks like the link is working now, thanks for the plug!

Damama T said...

What is it with kids and dogs?? They can be just fine until you pull out the camera. LOL! Well, at least they didn't mess up the pic because they started fighting!