Saturday, October 20, 2007

Baby Bear says...

I asked Baby Bear what I should write about tonight. This is how our conversation went:

Me: "What should I write about tonight?"

BB: "About Gawd."

Me: "About God?"

BB: "Yeah."

Me: "What should I write about God?"

BB: "About we're going to Him."

Me: "We're going to Him?"

BB: "And fishy and animal crackers."

Me: "Are you going to eat fishy and animal crackers?"

BB: "Yeah, in my c'ass."

BB then ran off to play with Daddy.


tmbmt said...

awwwww... he's going to see God at church tomorrow! :)

Are you guys doing much tomorrow evening? I'll be stuck at mom & dad's after the play (staying to take Anna Lee out to lunch Monday).

Rick said...

Can't argue with his theology.

April said...

I love the thoughts that come out of kids! My four year old is constantly asking about Heaven - to the point where I blogged a letter to Sunday School teachers to please stop talking about heaven because inevitably EVERY car ride has a convo about how and when to go to Heaven....right now he's of the mindset that God's coming down on a cloud like Mary Poppins!!