Friday, October 19, 2007

I got to go shopping alone!

The last couple times I took my kids shopping with me, they couldn't handle themselves very well. So, I told them that I wouldn't take them with me to do our weekly shopping for a while.
I never got to the store to shop last week (good thing I had stocked up the week before). Last week when Jon was available, I was miserable with allergies or a cold or something and just didn't want to go anywhere. I digress. Anyway, Jon watched the kids today, so I could go shopping alone. Baby Bear cried when I left, but was asleep when I got home. I had to carry the groceries in by myself, but I didn't mind because Jon was playing a game with the kids who weren't napping.
I did just drop the groceries and instruct them that they were putting them away. A couple minutes after I brought the last of the groceries in, the girls had them put away. Yea, girls!

Thanks Jon!

Thanks girls!


April said...

Isn't it so great when we get to go out alone???? I find myself strolling the aisles of the local CVS for hours. Just looking. At toothpaste. Lipgloss. Magazines. Aaaaah. Those little moments.
Thanks for the nice comment you left on my page. I'm from Columbus, Ohio - and a Christian also, so its always nice to "meet" someone who shares the same values. I, however, only have the two children, married ten years. Have a great weekend!!

Brandi said...

It sure is!

You're welcome, April.