Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Laundry Soap and a Rowdy House

I was almost out of laundry soap, so I made a double batch this time. We go through it so quickly. I'm happy we're not paying for the commercial stuff anymore. If I'm running low, then I just whip up a batch.

Our house is so loud today that we should all be wearing ear plugs. None of the kids can find their inside voices (not even Monkey). To top it all off, I am having trouble understanding what the kids are saying because my ears feel like they have cotton in them. I've been fighting off allergies or a sinus infection for a while now. When the kids do talk quieter (while looking at the floor or somewhere other than in my general direction) I can't hear what they are saying. They get upset and clam up when I ask them to repeat themselves. It's too damp and yucky for us to be outside. A couple of the kids are fighting colds also. If it's possible, I think the dogs are worse than the kids. They don't want to be outside for long but they keep wanting my attention. Maggie keeps coming up and putting her cold nose on me to get my attention (lifting my arm with her head so I will pet her). Midnight keeps coming up and bathing my arm with her tongue -- Yech! One of these days we will cure Midnight of her constant licking. She has gotten better. Baby steps, baby steps . . .

Good try TMBMT. That answer would work but is not the answer I was looking for.

Today's clue: No human need be involved.

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