Thursday, October 18, 2007

If the kids aren't asleep soon, then "they" will be coming to take me away.

He he ha ha . . .

I didn't get much sleep last night. I think the kids got too much sleep. They have been bouncing off the walls all day. We went to dh's workplace to run an errand for him. I let the kids get out of the van to play while we waited on him to come out. Baby Bear took his football with him so we played with that. We went to Wal-mart to pick up some items for dh. I figured that since they had run around a lot, they would be calm. Nope. We went in for three items. The kids kept picking on each other. We went through the line and I couldn't watch the items as the cashier scanned them. I was too busy telling the kids that they were not getting candy and to keep their hands to themselves. We were about to leave the store when two dds had to use the restroom. While the rest of us were waiting, we noticed that someone had removed a plush toy from its box. I notified an employee who seemed to be in charge of the shift. She didn't even go look to see what I was talking about. We got back to dh's workplace and discovered that I was overcharged for one of the items. We went back to Wal-mart, double checked the display, and then claimed our refund.

By the time we got home I was too tired to cook. We had an interesting supper:

  • saltine crackers with apple butter
  • graham crackers with apple butter
  • whole wheat bread with apple butter
  • baby carrots
  • a slice of cheese
  • water.
I just passed the items out as I prepared it.

Next came our bedtime routine and time for bed. Now, I'm just waiting for them to fall asleep.


We think we found all the music. Dh may have to reenter some album covers though. Thank you TMBMT for being ready to help.

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