Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall Festival

My mom came and watched the kids' swim lessons Saturday. She then took us out to lunch and stuck around to help me with the kids at our church's Family Fall Festival. Thanks Mom!

The kids dressed up for the festival. I didn't have their animal costumes completely ready, so Froggie went as Dorothy and Baby Bear went as a lumberjack. I took a couple pictures with my camera phone. I haven't figured out how to transfer the pictures to our computer yet. I will post them when I do.

It was cold and a little rainy Saturday. They had a petting zoo and pony ride that stayed outside, but the inflatables, games, and "Trunk or Treat" were inside. The inflatables and games were in the gym and those who were going to have decorated car trunks decorated tables in the hallway instead.

On another topic:

My kids love to do their math this year. Those who have workbooks come at me with them at very inopportune times. Two of the kids have to be closely supervised or they fill in every answer in the workbook wrong and we have to erase everything. One does really well on her own (when she likes the assignment). The last one with a workbook would work through the whole workbook in one sitting (with very few mistakes) if I let him. I already have him in an advanced curriculum and I don't want him to run out of work or end up overwhelmed. One child does her work on the computer. She would sit at the computer all day if I let her.

I typed all that as an intro to this: all the kids with workbooks pulled them out this afternoon. Then when I had them put them away after a page or two they got upset. We got home from evening church and shopping tonight and they tried to pull them out again. I thought I got Sunday off from school! lol

Clue: The sticking power is not permanent.

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