Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Poof! It's gone! It's all gone!

Well, some of it can be found.

What is it? It is my husband's music that was on our computer. I'm not talking about a few uploaded CDs either. No, most of my husband's >600 CDs and many hours worth of music purchased and downloaded online were on our computer. The music files in the program dh uses were all wiped out today. How? Your guess is as good as mine. Where did the files go? Again, your guess is as good as mine.

This is what we do know:

One dd was given permission to listen to Jump 5 and Zoe Girl on the computer. Everything was fine and several of the kiddos were dancing around and singing when I went to wake up my dh so he could get ready for work. After a little while I quit hearing the music, but I figured the albums were done playing. I come back from waking dh and another dd was sitting in Daddy's computer chair (a big No-no when permission has not been granted). The afore mentioned dd was standing beside the chair. When I walked up, they asked me how to get out of the movies file (I didn't even realize there was a movies file in the program since we don't have any movies downloaded.) and back to the music file. Said dd then reaches over her sister clicks the mouse and says, "Oh, that's how you do it!" She then clicked play and nothing happened. I shooed her sister out of the chair and sat down to investigate. As I'm failing at finding the album the girls were looking for, dh walked up and said why isn't my music on there. Huh! He was right. All the music was gone! Of course, neither daughter knows what was done to delete all those files. Needless to say, our household once again has the rule that no child is allowed on the computer without very close supervision.

The good news is that dh's old media player still has a lot of his music in it's files, he thinks he can download the music on his ipod back onto the computer, and he has a back-up disc or two that we can put back on the computer. We're still not sure how we can retrieve any of the albums he bought and downloaded online. No joke, there was probably about a full week's worth of downloading (we have dial-up). He also had over three days worth of CDs downloaded.

Only disbelief registered with both of us at first. I guess I'll get to learn more about our computer while I try to retrieve his music!

I think I found dh's music in our recycle bin!

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tmbmt said...

I was just gonna ask if you checked the recycle bin...